China Artificial Moon: Artificial Moon Low Gravity Simulator By China: China made a low gravity model like a fake moon

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The first intention of all the countries that have landed in the space-race is probably to land on the moon. China has also landed its vehicle on the moon and Chang’e 5 returned after 40 years with rock samples from the moon. Now Chinese experts have made a ‘moon’ on the earth itself. Obviously, this is not a real moon, but a special design made to prepare for sending astronauts on missions in the future. The experts who made it say that the gravity of the earth ‘disappears’ here.

Why is it special?
According to the report of DailyMail, currently aircraft are left in free-fall, then lifted or dropped from a tower to create less gravity on Earth. However, this reduces gravity for only a few minutes. The developers of the new design say that this lunar simulator, equal to 2 feet of room inside the vacuum chamber, can remain in low or zero gravity for a long time.

How did you prepare?
Even inside this small space, a view like the rocks and dust of the moon has been prepared. Their weight has also been kept as much as the dust and stones present on the moon. The gravity on the moon is equal to one-sixth that of the Earth. Inside the new design, a powerful magnetic field has been used to show levitation from the effect of artificial gravity.

The idea came from the flying frog
The team got its inspiration from the Russian phrygist Andre Geim, who ‘swam’ a frog in the air with the help of a magnetic field. Interestingly, Jim was also awarded the pardy ‘Ig Nobel Prize’ for his experiment. Speaking to the South China Morning Post, Geim expressed happiness that his academic experiment is being used today in space exploration.

plan to live on the moon
At the same time, China intends to send astronauts to the moon by 2030. He wants to build a base on the moon with Russia. In such a situation, the new simulator will help to understand the moon’s environment and prepare equipment accordingly. Dust and rocks are also different from Earth due to less gravity. There is no atmosphere on the moon and the temperature there also changes rapidly. On the prototype of the new simulator, the scientists tested the drill resistance. With its help, 3D printing will also be tested so that equipment can be made on the moon.

A glimpse of ‘Pralay’ will be seen on the earth due to the effect of the moon

Photo: CNSA

Photo: CNSA


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