China Food Crisis Due To Lockdown : Lockdown In China People Facing Food Shortage Food Crisis In China Due To Lockdown People Sleeps Early To Save Food

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  • Due to the strict lockdown in China, people are running out of food
  • To save food, they do not fill their stomach, they go to sleep only at three to four in the evening.
  • China’s zero covid policy is taking a frightening form, people getting locked in boxes

To prevent the outbreak of Corona virus, China is insisting on ‘Zero Kovid Policy’. For this, the Chinese government is also ready to cross all limits. Whether people have to be imprisoned in homes or in steel boxes. It is being claimed by the Chinese government that the outbreak of corona in Xi’an is now under control since January 5. Although the rules have been tightened further by the government and people are still not able to come out of their homes.

The condition is that people have lost even basic things like food and now they are crying out. Speaking to The Epoch Times on January 9, a resident of Xian’s Yanta district said that I have never been corona positive, so why is my door sealed? Cai Jiaying said that our residential complex has been closed for 21 days. I consoled myself at the beginning of the lockdown. But after a few days I got depressed and this morning I went crazy.

have to sleep early to save food
She told that in the last three days she and her husband have been able to buy only a little food and they do not know when they will be able to buy anything more. Kai said I’m worried we won’t have anything to eat soon. We can’t fill our stomach. We go to sleep every day from 3 to 4 o’clock in the evening after eating. We sleep as much as possible to save food. He told that the family has only one bowl of rice, about five kg of flour, seven cups of noodles and a little meat left to eat.
See how China is committing atrocities in the name of Corona, imprisoned pregnant women and children in secret quarantine camps
Only one week’s ration left
With this much ration, Kai’s family can hardly afford to eat for a week. Everyone in the phone interview has a painful story. Due to China’s zero covid strategy, about 20 million people are imprisoned in their homes across the country. These include the cities of Anyang and Yuzhou in addition to Xi’an. People of these cities are not allowed to step out even to buy food and drink.

Children, elderly and pregnant women kept in quarantine camps
China imposed a lockdown in Anyang, a city of 5.5 million people, late on Monday night after two cases of Omicron were reported. According to the BBC report, China is imprisoning thousands of people in quarantine camps on the outskirts of Xi’an city. The people imprisoned in these camps have told in the report that pregnant women, elderly and children have also been kept there. They have also told the horrors of the detention camps in the zero covid state.

people being locked in boxes
A video being shared online shows people in small boxes equipped with wooden beds and toilets. In this place they are forced to stay for two weeks. Some people wearing PPE kits are seen giving food to the people imprisoned in these camps. Those who were imprisoned in these quarantine camps have told that they were given very little food.


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