China Galwan Video: China uses film actors to stage flag hoisting video in aksai chin claiming to be galwan valley, report claims

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  • China’s Galvan video was openly polled, film actors were used
  • This video was shot in Aksai Chin, 28 km from the Galvan River.
  • International web portal claimed by quoting Chinese social media users

China had released a fake video of flag hoisting in Galvan on the occasion of New Year. Not Chinese soldiers, but film actors were used in the shooting of this video. This claim has been made by an international web portal Carbun Tracy. The port report also states that the entire shooting was done in the area of ​​Aksai Chin, about 28 km from Galwan.

The web portal quoted Chinese social media platform VV users to claim that a soldier seen in this video is Chinese film artist Wu Zhang. His wife Xi Nan was also involved in this video. This video was filmed after about four hours of effort in the area of ​​Aksai Chin, 28 km from the Galwan River.

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Chinese film artist Wu Zhang
Wu Zhang is a famous Chinese film artist and has played the role of PLA soldier in many Chinese films. It also includes The Battle at Lake Changjin, the most expensive film ever made in China. His wife Xi Nan rose to fame with a 2007 drama series Jian Jing Tian Jia. He is also a TV host on a Chinese program.

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The portal has made this claim after several Chinese nationals questioned the video on Vivo with flags shot in Galvan. Users had disclosed the use of film actors in this video. But, as soon as the matter caught up, the Chinese media immediately blocked all such accounts. According to some Vivo users, on December 24, Wu Zhang, Shai Nan, some junior actors and PLA officers went to Aksai Chin’s location to shoot a propaganda video.

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Video shot after four hours of effort
He shot this video after four hours of hard work. This video was shared by Chinese journalist Shen Shiwei and CCP’s mouthpiece Global Times as Galvan Valley. In the 40-45 second clip, Chinese soldiers were seen hoisting the Chinese flag on the side of a hill. This video was also discussed a lot in India. Many opposition leaders had also targeted the government over this video.


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