China hypersonic missile news: US defense chief tells China ‘big challenge’, Dragon’s hypersonic missile has created panic

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The US defense chief has said that China’s testing of hypersonic weapons has increased tension in the region. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin made the remarks on Thursday after annual security talks with his South Korean counterpart in Seoul. In July, China test-fired a hypersonic missile that flew five times the speed of sound.

Austin said the US is concerned about China’s military potential and sees China as a “big challenge”. He said the US would “continue to cooperate with itself and its allies in defending itself against the many potential threats (from China).”

What’s special about this missile?
This missile is like a vehicle and it works to carry payload (nuclear or other weapons). There are three types of missiles on the basis of speed – subsonic, supersonic and hypersonic. Missiles flying below the speed of sound (330 m/s) are subsonic, supersonic faster than the speed of sound, and hypersonic missiles flying at five times the speed of sound (6,174 km/h) or more.

China Hypersonic Missile: China’s hypersonic missile circled the whole world, US Army’s claim created a stir
There are two types of hypersonic missiles – hypersonic cruise missiles and hypersonic glide vehicles. Hypersonic cruise is similar to a normal cruise missile, but with a high-speed jet engine that gives it Mach-5 (five times the speed of sound) or higher. Hypersonic glide vehicle is launched into space with the help of a rocket. At present, there are six countries in the world—USA, Russia, China, India, France and the UK—that are working on such weapons.

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