China Lithuania News: China Threatened To Send Lithuania To The Garbage Bin Of History After It Stood Up With Taiwan

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  • China threatens to send European country Lithuania to ‘trash bin of history’
  • China threatened after Lithuania allowed Taiwan to open representative office
  • While China is the world’s most populous country, Lithuania has a population of 3 million.

China has threatened to send the small European country of Lithuania to a “trash box of history” after allowing Taiwan to open a representative office. While China is the most populous country in the world, the population of Lithuania is only 3 million. Lithuania’s permission to Taiwan has turned China red, which considers it a part of itself.

Earlier in August, Lithuania said it would allow Taiwan to open an office in its own name. After this announcement, China had withdrawn its ambassador from Lithuania. China also reduced its diplomatic ties with Lithuania. China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijin said that Lithuania stands on the other side of universal principles that will never have a happy ending.
This small country of Europe is challenging Beijing, told China ‘People’s Republic of Comedy’
Lithuania continues to challenge China
Zhao warned that those insisting on working with Taiwan’s separatist forces would be thrown into the dustbin of history. Let us tell you that Lithuania is constantly challenging China, one of the world’s superpowers. Diplomatic relations between the two countries are at the lowest level in history till date. The leaders of China and Lithuania are also giving a tough competition to each other in the war of words. China wants Lithuania to immediately end its ties with Taiwan, while this country is not ready to back down, calling it a sovereign decision.

Meanwhile, disregarding China’s threats, a Lithuania MP had even recently told Beijing the ‘People’s Republic of Comedy’. Actually, the full name of China is People’s Republic of China. The MP is none other than Lithuanian leader Matas Maldeikis, who led an official delegation to Taiwan just a week ago. Lithuania earlier this year announced it would abandon Chinese President Xi Jinping’s ambitious mission, the CEEC.

Diplomatic relations with Taiwan also restored
This forum was started by China in 2012. It includes 17 countries of Europe, while the 18th country itself is China. Lithuania’s Foreign Minister Gabrielus Landsbergis called China’s CEEC forum divisive. Under this project, China wants to strengthen its trade ties with Central and Eastern European countries. Not only this, Lithuania has also restored diplomatic relations with Taiwan to provoke China after this.


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