China Myanmar Submarine News: Chinese Plan Submarine Seen In Myanmar Navy Who Recently Received Indian Navy Kilo Class Submarine India’s tension will increase in the Indian Ocean

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  • China’s submarine armed with deadly weapons has arrived in Myanmar helping the militants of the Northeast
  • This submarine of the Chinese Navy has reached Myanmar via the Andaman Sea via the Malacca Strait.
  • It is being told that this submarine was seen entering the Malacca Strait near Indonesia on 20 December.

China’s deadly-armed submarine has arrived in Myanmar, helping the militants of the Northeast armed with Chinese weapons. This submarine has reached Myanmar via the Andaman Sea via the Malacca Strait. According to a video being shared on Tiktok, this submarine was seen entering the Malacca Strait near Indonesia on 20 December. There was a red flag of China on this submarine. It is being told that the Myanmar warship was deployed under the protection of the Chinese submarine.

HI Sutton, a well-known specialist in submarine affairs, tweeted that this is a Type-035 submarine of the Ming class. At the same time, in another video from Myanmar, it is seen that for the protection of this submarine, the Navy of Myanmar had also sent one of its warships back and forth. It is believed that like India, China may have given this submarine to Myanmar or Dragon wants to sell its submarine to the Myanmar Navy through this.

Chinese submarine seen entering the country’s Yangon river
Recently, India gifted its one kilo class second hand submarine to the Navy of Myanmar. China’s Ming class submarine is not as powerful as compared to Kilo but can be very beneficial for Myanmar’s Navy. At the same time, a user named mehmlwinsoe shared the Tiktok video of Myanmar and told that this Chinese submarine has been seen entering the country’s Yangon River.

The growing closeness between the army of Myanmar and China can be a matter of concern for India. Recently, the Foreign Secretary of India has returned from a visit to Myanmar and he has asked the military government to crack down on the extremists of the Northeast. In fact, Myanmar’s army, which is crushing democracy supporters at gunpoint, has also stabbed India in the back. Myanmar’s army has allowed insurgents operating in Northeast India to set up camp in their area. These insurgents are taking training in Myanmar and carrying out bloody attacks in Manipur and Nagaland with the help of Chinese weapons.

Extremists are attacking people of pro-democracy forces

In return, extremist organizations operating in Northeast India are attacking people of the pro-democracy People’s Defense Forces in Myanmar to help the army. India has given from war weapons to humanitarian aid to the Myanmar army. Even after this favor, the Myanmar army is helping the militants of the Northeast. According to the Asia Times report, when militant groups carried out a bloody attack in Manipur on November 13, India’s once soft and sometimes warm relations with Myanmar once again boiled over. Seven people including an officer of the Assam Rifles were killed in this attack. This includes the officer’s wife and a 6-year-old child.
10 lakh vaccines, 10 thousand tonnes of rice-wheat… why is India so kind to Myanmar’s military government?
It is easy for militants to flee to Myanmar by attacking India.
This attack on the Assam Rifles was carried out jointly by the militants of the People’s Liberation Army of Manipur and the Manipur Naga People’s Front. The camps of both these groups are present within the border of neighboring Myanmar and reports are pointing to the fact that the militants fled to the Myanmar border after carrying out the attack. India has a 1600 km long border with Myanmar. This range is filled with many hilly and inaccessible areas. This makes it easier for militants to flee to Myanmar after attacking India.

Insurgents from Naga, Manipuri and Assam have been maintaining their base in the Sagaing area of ​​Myanmar for the past several years. From this they attack in India and then run back. These camps have been the subject of dispute between India and Myanmar for a long time, but in January 2019, when the Myanmar army took action on the camp of the rebels, it was believed that there has been a change in its policies. The Myanmar army carried out a clean-up operation in Taga, the self-proclaimed capital of Naga, Manipuri and Assam rebels. This improved relations between Myanmar and India.


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