china offers stones from galwan valley: PLA to gift galwan valley stones to netizens

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  • Chinese army announced to give Galvan stone for sharing the post on social media
  • The Western Theater Command of the Chinese Army has shared a photo of soldiers on Weibo
  • Even after being insulted by sharing a fake video of Galvan, China’s mind is not full

China, entangled with India in Ladakh, is constantly engaged in spreading propaganda. After releasing the fake video, the Chinese army is now planning to gift the Galvan stone to its citizens. The Western Theater Command (WTC) of the People’s Liberation Army of China has announced to give gifts to the people of Galvan Valley from February 1. This command of the Chinese army has the responsibility of guarding the border with India.

Greed a stone gift for sharing the post
According to the report of Chinese state media Global Times, the Western Theater Command of the Chinese Army has opened its official account on the local social media platform Weibo on Friday. The Chinese army has published a banner on this account and said that on February 1, the Galwan Valley stone will be sent as a gift to 10 lucky people who shared this post.

PLA China

Chinese soldiers are seen patrolling the banks of the river in the poster
In this poster, Chinese soldiers are seen patrolling the banks of a river in an unknown mountainous area. In this post, it is written in Chinese language that “Great landscape, will not give an inch.” Chinese media claims that this poster is from Galwan Valley, but like his previous fake videos, it is hard to believe.

China’s Galvan’s propaganda video was openly polled, film actors were used, reports claim
Chinese media claim – the post is going viral
The report claimed that this post is becoming increasingly viral on Weibo. A large number of Chinese people are sharing and commenting on this post to get the stone of Galvan. China had also released a fake video on January 1 citing Galvan. In this video, the actors of the Chinese army were seen hoisting the flag in a film manner.


chinese army with indian army on new year


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