China Omicron News : China Is Burning Omicron Variant By Using Flamethrower Amid New Wave Of Corona Virus

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Once again the havoc of Corona virus is being seen all over the world. China is also no exception from where this virus originated. The ‘dark clouds’ of the new variant of Corona, Omicron, are hovering over every country. To avoid this, some countries are applying booster doses and some are looking at the option of lockdown. But China is adopting a very strange approach to deal with Omicron. Just imagine, can it be burnt to stop the virus?

China is doing this, the proof of which is giving a video shared on Twitter. It can be seen in the video that some health workers are spraying a campus. He is wearing PPE kit to protect against the virus. In these, a worker has a flamethrower machine i.e. a fire throwing machine in his hand. This person throws flames in the air with this machine. The video claimed that health workers in China are using flamethrower machines to stop the spread of Omicron.

Partial lockdown in Tianjin
This is a very strange way of preventing the spread of the virus, about which there is no authentic information available about its effect. Even though the first case of corona was registered in China, but it is very careful to prevent the spread of infection. A partial lockdown has been imposed in Tianjin, China after cases of a new form of corona virus, Omicron, were reported.

Millions of people imprisoned in China
The area is experiencing its first local outbreak of this form of infection, but its numbers are currently low. China is one of the first countries to impose a lockdown where crores of people are still imprisoned in their homes. China had ordered a lockdown in the northern city of Xi’an, with a population of 13 million people, after an increase in cases of corona virus infection. A few weeks before the hosting of the Winter Olympics, concerns have increased due to increasing cases of infection in the country.
Xi’an Lockdown: 13 million people of China are starving, imprisoned in homes for 9 days, if the latch is opened then it is not good
Strict rules are applicable in the country
State media reported that city officials have ordered all residents to stay at home. People have been told not to come out on the streets unless it is very important to come out of their homes. All modes of transport to and from the city have been closed except in special cases. The order said that one person from each household would be allowed to go out every two days to buy household items.

starving people
The situation is getting worse due to the corona virus lockdown in Xi’an city of China. Many people have said that they are left with no food to eat due to the unnecessary strictness being done in the lockdown. At the same time, Chinese officials have claimed that enough food is being supplied to the people. In this city, one crore 30 lakh people are imprisoned in their homes for the last nine days.

claims of starvation
According to the BBC report, compared to the lockdown imposed in countries around the world, Chinese people cannot go out even for essential reasons like buying food. The government claims that the supply of food is the same as before, but many people on social media say that they have not yet received the food items. Many people have mentioned about the situation like starvation.


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