China opens embassy in Nicaragua for first time since 1990 after Taiwan ties cut

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  • China opens its embassy in Nicaragua for the first time since 1990
  • China took this step after Nicaragua ended ties with Taiwan
  • Foreign Minister Denis Moncada said there is ‘ideological affinity’ between the two countries

China has opened an embassy in Nicaragua for the first time since 1990. China has taken this step after the government of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega cut ties with Taiwan. Foreign Minister Denis Moncada said there is a kind of “ideological affinity” between the two countries. Moncada also expressed his gratitude to China for providing one million doses of Sinoform, an anti-coronavirus infection vaccine.

Indeed, Ortega’s government established relations with China in 1985, but after losing the presidential election in 1990, the government of the country’s new president, Villeta Camaro, recognized Taiwan. Nicaragua’s government cut ties with Taiwan on December 9 and last week closed Taiwan’s embassy offices, saying they belonged to China. However, China’s new embassy is located elsewhere and it is not clear what it will do with the Taiwanese building.

Taiwan condemns ‘serious illegal actions of Ortega regime’
Taiwanese diplomats attempted to donate the property to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Managua a week before their departure, but Ortega’s government said any such donation would be illegal. Taiwan’s foreign ministry condemned the “serious illegal actions of the Ortega regime”, saying the Nicaraguan government violated standard procedures by giving Taiwanese diplomats only two weeks to leave the country.

For the past several decades, China has been making a lot of effort to bring countries that have diplomatic relations with Taiwan into its fold. Earlier, China has brought Panama, El Salvador and the Dominican Republicans into its fold. In the past, relations between Taiwan and Nicaragua have been unstable in the fields of health and agriculture. After the return of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega to power in 2007, he had established relations with both China and Taiwan.

Belize, Guatemala, Honduras friends in Central America right now Taiwan
China did not like this relationship with Nicaragua. Belize, Guatemala and Honduras remain friends in Central America for Taiwan. It also has diplomatic relations with some other countries such as Haiti and Paraguay. Let us tell you that in the midst of increasing military tension in the Taiwan Strait, the tense triangular relations between America, China and Taiwan have come to the fore once again. The status of the small, densely populated island off the southeast coast of the Chinese mainland is hotly disputed, and news is predicting almost every day that a newly assertive China will soon be to forcibly recapture Taiwan. may take military action or other steps.


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