China Pakistan News : Pakistan Is Confused On Taking Part In US Summit On Democracy As China Is Not invited

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  • America sent an invitation to Pakistan to discuss democracy
  • Due to not calling China, Pakistan has not yet confirmed
  • Tension between US and Pakistan over Afghanistan

US President Joe Biden has called a virtual summit on democracy this week. To participate, Pakistani ‘policy makers’ are holding extensive deliberations, as some issues are making it difficult for Islamabad to take a final call. The Express Tribune reported this. The newspaper report quoted sources familiar with developments as saying that China’s boycott from the summit is considered one of the reasons for the delay in Pakistan’s decision.

However, sources said that China has not objected to Pakistan’s participation in the virtual summit. Explaining the reason for the delay in announcing the decision, a senior official said, “There are some issues which are currently being looked into by the Government of Pakistan.” Biden will hold the virtual summit on Thursday and Friday. He has invited leaders of more than 100 countries including the South Asian countries of India, Pakistan, Nepal and Maldives.
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Rift in Pakistan-US over Afghanistan
The White House did not send invitations to China and Russia, but Taiwan has been invited, to which Beijing has reacted strongly. It is said that the White House asked invitees to confirm their participation. Pakistan was supposed to announce it last week, but it was delayed due to internal consultations. According to diplomatic sources, till Monday, Pakistan had not given any official reply to the White House. Relations between Pakistan and the US are strained by differences over the situation in Afghanistan.

White House unhappy with Imran Khan’s statements
Some statements made by Imran Khan after the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan have not been liked by the White House. Another reason that has delayed a final decision on the US invitation is reports that the US Treasury will impose sanctions against those who undermine democracy. Those involved in serious human rights violations and corruption will also be banned. But a diplomatic source clarified that not attending the summit does not mean the country will face any sanctions.

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