China Solomon Island Tension : Solomon Island May Restore Diplomatic Ties With Taiwan From China Says Provincial Leader

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  • Solomon Islands wants to establish diplomatic relations with Taiwan once again
  • People have been opposing for a long time to break friendship with China and ties with Taiwan
  • Last week, protests against government policies turned violent and violent.

The head of the most populous province in the Solomon Islands has said his country could restore diplomatic ties with Taiwan if the prime minister is removed from his post after next week’s no-confidence vote. People have been demonstrating violently against government policies on the Solomon Islands since last month. In November, tension had arisen in the country due to incidents like violent protests, looting and arson.

Malaita Premier Daniel Suidani said on Friday that he thinks the Solomon Islands should partner with Taiwan because both share democratic values. Solomon’s Prime Minister Manasseh Sogaware had angered many, including Malaya’s leaders, in 2019 by severing the country’s diplomatic ties with Taiwan to recognize China. Suidani said the decision was taken without consulting the public.
Breaking ties with Taiwan and befriending China Prime Minister furious over heavy violence facing Solomon Islands
Attempt to burn down the Prime Minister’s residence
Last week, the Solomon Islands faced violent protests as tensions over economic issues were simmering for a long time. After the agitators tried to storm the Parliament, the rioting mob indulged in violence for three days. Much of the Chinatown area was reduced to rubble and mobs also tried to burn down the residence of Prime Minister Manasseh Sogware. Suidani called for a “national dialogue” to defuse tensions and said domestic issues such as the economy and land rights were responsible for the violence, not foreign influence.

Why Solomon’s people are opposing friendship with China
Till now the Solomon Islands had been recognizing Taiwan, but now the Prime Minister has started supporting China instead of Taiwan. The Solomon Islands are opposing this because they used to get help from Taiwan and because of this the island was also in the good list of Australia, America etc. Now with the Prime Minister’s new move, islanders are apprehensive that Chinese ambitions may extend to the Oceania region as well and this new move may also stop the old aid being given to the islanders.


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