china submarine list: Exercise Sea Dragon 22 anti-submarine drills in Pacific Ocean against Chinese Navy

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  • Six countries of the world doing anti-submarine maneuvers in the Pacific Ocean
  • India and America are also involved in this exercise named Sea Dragon 22
  • Increased vigilance of Chinese submarines in the Indo-Pacific region

Six countries of the world including India are conducting anti-submarine maneuvers in the Pacific Ocean. Apart from India, navies of America, Australia, Canada, Japan and South Korea are participating in this exercise named Sea Dragon 22. It is being told that the main objective of this exercise is to detect the growing submarines of the Chinese Navy in the Indo-Pacific region and gather necessary information.

Anti-submarine aircraft and warships taking part
The exercise also includes members of the Quad countries, which have direct disputes with China. The four countries of the Quad also participate in the Malabar Exercise. The P-8I Poseidon aircraft and submarines of the US Navy’s Seventh Fleet are participating in the Sea Dragon exercise. The P-8I Poseidon aircraft has also been sent from the Indian side. They are capable of patrolling the sea for long distances.

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The winner will be announced after 270 hours of maneuvers
More than 270 hours of in-flight training will be given during this exercise. Aircraft and warships from all countries will try to locate a live submarine of US Navy. Each event will be graded and the country with the highest aggregate score will receive the coveted Dragon Belt Award. Last year the award was won by the Royal Canadian Air Force.

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The period of submarines is P-8I Poseidon
The Boeing P-8 Poseidon is considered the age of submarines. These aircraft are capable of carrying out anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare. Due to patrolling in the sea for long distances, America has deployed it all over the world. It has an operating range of 1,200 nautical miles. The maximum speed of this aircraft is 907 kilometers per hour. Equipped with radar, this aircraft is capable of dealing with intelligence and any kind of risks. It has dangerous Harpoon Block-II missiles, MK-54 low weight destroyers.

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Poseidon can also destroy submarines
The Boeing P-8 Poseidon aircraft is also equipped with rockets and ammunition. Sensing any critical situation, it can attack enemy submarines and warships. It is manufactured by the American aircraft manufacturer Boeing. The US handed over the responsibility to Boeing in June 2004 as part of plans to build the next generation of maritime surveillance aircraft. The first Poseidon-8A aircraft was designed in March 2005. After this, about 117 Poseidon-8A aircraft were inducted by the American Navy in its fleet. Poseidon-8A was purchased by the Australian government in February 2014. In this deal, 4 more aircraft were contracted for $ 4 billion.


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