China Taliban News : China Follows Taliban Footstep Destroys 99 Foot Tall Statue Of Lord Buddha Forced Monks To Watch The Destruction 99 feet high Buddha statue of Zamindoj, forcibly shown to the monks

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  • China demolished a 99 feet high statue of Lord Buddha
  • The authorities forcibly showed the demolition to the local people and monks
  • Experts said – China followed in the footsteps of Taliban, targeted idols

Chinese authorities demolished a 99-foot-tall Buddha statue and forced Buddhist monks to visit it. This information has been given in the report of Radio Free Asia. According to the report, there were some official complaints about the statue which said it was ‘too tall’. So the authorities destroyed the statue located in Drago County. It took 9 days to break it which started from 12th December.

Radio Free Asia confirmed the demolition from satellite images. The idol stood under a large white umbrella where now only a pile of rubble remains. A Tibetan living in India said it was exactly like the Cultural Revolution of 1966-76 when the Chinese government destroyed everything in Tibet. Although the statue was relatively new and its destruction points to the increasing brutality of the Chinese regime in recent years.

China following in the footsteps of Taliban
Foreign and defense affairs expert Brahma Chelani compared this action of China with the Taliban. He wrote on Twitter, ‘China is following in the footsteps of the Taliban. After the Taliban’s destruction of the Bamiyan Buddhas, Chinese authorities demolished the iconic 99-foot statue of Lord Buddha in a Tibetan area of ​​Sichuan and forced Tibetan monks to witness the destruction.

The monks were forced to witness the destruction
According to the report, the Chinese authorities forced the monks of Thosem Gatsel Monastery and Tibetans living in Chuwar and other nearby towns to witness the demolition. The Taliban vandalized countless religious statues in Afghanistan during their first reign before the US invasion. The most prominent targets of the Taliban were the two huge Buddha statues in Bamiyan that were built in the 6th century.
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Taliban’s havoc on Lord Buddha’s idols
The Taliban are constantly wreaking havoc on the statues of Lord Buddha in Bamiyan, Afghanistan. This has exposed the real face of Taliban once again. After the occupation of Afghanistan, the Taliban has been continuously pretending to be ‘liberal’, but in a video shared on social media, its pole has been exposed. In the video, Taliban fighters can be seen firing bullets at the statues of Bamiyan. It is written with the video that 20 years ago the Taliban blew up these idols.


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