china to set up first military base on africa atlantic coast in equatorial guinea, us intelligence finds

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  • China going to build a military base on the Atlantic coast of Africa
  • America engaged in persuading African country Equatorial Guinea, sent to NSA
  • America’s tension increased from this base in China, Dragon can deploy submarines

China is now going to build its first military base on the Atlantic coast of Africa. China already has a military base in Djibouti, Africa. From here he watches over the Gulf of Aden and the Arabian Sea. A US classified intelligence report states that China is going to establish its first permanent military presence on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in the small Central African country of Equatorial Guinea.

China Base 0991

Equatorial Guinea’s Bata city to build a base
According to the Wall Street Journal report, China is going to set up its military base in the coastal city of Bata in Equatorial Guinea. Through this base, China will be able to deploy and repair its warships and submarines near the west coast of America. It is being called an alarm bell for the US Defense Ministry, the Pentagon and the White House.

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America engaged in persuading Equatorial Guinea
To thwart China’s move, US Principal Deputy National Security Adviser John Finer visited Equatorial Guinea in October. He tried to persuade Equatorial Guinea’s President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo and his son Vice President Teodoro “Teodorin” Nguma Obiang Mangu to reject China’s proposals.

China is testing a remote warship on the secret base, stirred up by the claim of the US Naval Institute
America warned this country of Africa
A senior Biden administration official said that as part of our diplomacy to address maritime-security issues, we have made clear to Equatorial Guinea that some potential moves involving Chinese activity would raise national-security concerns. The tug of war between China and America is reaching its peak in a country whose name most people have not heard till date.

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America’s tension will increase in the Atlantic Ocean
America’s military bases are spread all over the world. Recently, China and the US are face to face with Taiwan, hypersonic missile test and the origin of corona virus. America knows that if China builds a military base in the Atlantic Ocean, then it can pose a big threat. Chinese submarines can reach around the west coast of America.

China Navy 0114

chinese navy


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