China Truck Accident : Truck Accidently Slipped From Cliffside Highway And Dangles From 300 Feet Height For Three Days

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Driving on winding mountain roads is extremely difficult. On January 1, a truck driver was taking a truck on one such road when a major accident happened to him. The driver was taking his truck on a narrow highway when his car slipped and hanged on a rock 300 feet deep. However, he narrowly survived in this accident. Its video was recorded on 1 January by a local tour guide Wu.

According to the Dailystar report, the heavy goods vehicle got stuck while turning on a dangerous highway built on the side of a mountain in northern China, which had a mountain on one side and a deep ditch on the other. The front end of the truck came off the road and hung over a 330 feet deep ditch. The good news is that the driver was rescued and there was no harm in the incident. Wu was following the truck at the time.
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Entry of wide vehicles prohibited on the highway
Talking to local media, he said that the driver had taken a shortcut by using satellite navigation. There is a restriction on this highway under which the maximum width of any vehicle should not exceed 6.8 metres. Wu said that due to snowfall in the past days, the truck slipped and got stuck after coming down the road, bringing traffic to a complete halt. Due to the difficulty of the road along the mountain, the towing service had to struggle to remove the truck and it remained hanging on the cliff for three days.

Trapped truck pulled out in half
On January 4, local authorities called in three towing trucks to get the truck back on the road. After this, the truck had to be cut in half to tow it from the highway. People were stunned to see this sight and praised the driver for saving his life and coming out. One person said that I am shaking my legs while watching the video. I can’t imagine what the driver must be feeling. He is lucky that he is alive.


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