Chinese Heat Seeking Hypersonic Missile: China says it has hypersonic missiles with heat-seeking tech – years before US

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  • China made heat-chasing hypersonic missiles
  • Heat Seeking Technique Very Difficult at Hypersonic Speed
  • America also has no such weapon, China’s missiles increased concern

China claims to have developed hypersonic weapons with infrared homing technology. Such missiles can chase the heat from a missile or fighter aircraft at a speed many times the speed of sound. Experts believe that America cannot make such a weapon even by the year 2025. A few days ago, China had tested a hypersonic missile to attack from space. After which many top officials of the US Army had expressed concern.

Heat sensing at hypersonic speed is not an easy task
Professor Yi Shihe, the top scientific scientist in China’s review journal Air and Space, has published a paper on this technique. In this, he said that heat sensing at hypersonic speed is not an easy task, but we have made it possible. According to Chinese researchers, the heat-seeking capability can give Chinese missiles the power to destroy almost any target. Such hypersonic missiles can destroy stealth technology-equipped fighter aircraft, aircraft carriers and any vehicle on the road in the blink of an eye with unprecedented accuracy and speed.

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Expert said – use of such weapons will lead to nuclear war
The first generation of hypersonic weapons were designed to destroy missile defense systems and destroy ground targets at five times the speed of sound. China and Russia have also deployed some hypersonic missiles. However, experts are of the opinion that unless a country wants to start a nuclear war, these weapons have no practical significance.

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Missile can find target with heat signature
Researchers from the Hypersonic Infrared Homing Program at China’s National University of Defense Technology have said that the outcome of conventional warfare can be replaced with a hypersonic missile. Such missiles are capable of locating, detecting and locking targets based on their heat signature while flying at low altitudes.

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US Air Force is also afraid of such missiles
According to the US Air Force, about 90 percent of all aircraft lost since the 1980s were shot down by heat-seeking missiles. He also said that stealth fighters like the F-22 could also be targeted because the coating material of the F-22 easily heats up during flight. In such a situation, heat-seeking missiles can easily target the aircraft while chasing the heat.

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Such a missile can also shoot down F-22
A Chinese researcher told an academic conference in 2020 that a hypersonic surface-to-air missile could capture and destroy an F-22 in a matter of seconds. China’s hypersonic infrared missiles have already been used in several test flights. This work has won Yi’s team a top national award for military science and technology from the People’s Liberation Army.


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