Chinese Spy In Britain : Barry Gardiner Relation With Christine Ching Kui British MP Who Received Padma Sri Has Relationship With Chinese Spy

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  • British MP Barry Gardiner, who received Padma Shri, has links with Chinese spy
  • The firm of Chinese spy Christine Ching Kui used to give funds to the office of British MP
  • Christine Lee’s son used to work in Barry Gardiner’s office, resigned on Thursday

Labor MP Barry Gardiner has been accused by Britain’s intelligence agency MI5. The agency says that as an MP, Gardiner received funds from an alleged Chinese spy who was trying to destroy democratic processes in Britain’s parliament. Gardiner was awarded the Padma Shri in 2020. Christine Ching Kui Lee has long been funding Gardiner’s office through her law firm, Christine Lee & Co.

Christine Lee has offices in London and Birmingham. She also serves as the Chief Legal Adviser to the Chinese Embassy in London. Gardiner has hired Daniel Wilkes, Lee’s son, in the Westminster office. Wilkes, however, resigned on Thursday. Gardiner represents Brent North. A large number of Indian expatriates live in this area and their popularity in this community is also very high. In January 2020, he was awarded the Padma Shri, an Indian civilian honor.

Mi-5 issued a warning to the MPs
Britain’s intelligence agency MI-5 has issued a warning to lawmakers about a female spy from China. In this warning it has been said that a woman who donated to Britain’s Labor Party is a spy of China. This woman is also said to have a close relationship with a former UK MP. MI-5 said a woman named Christine Lee was being monitored by security agencies. He is suspected of spying for the Chinese Communist Party.
Many British MPs caught in the trap of Chinese female spy? Sensation from intelligence agency MI5 alert
The detective has not been arrested yet
The British intelligence agency said that this Chinese spy has not yet been arrested. In such a situation, he is not being expelled from the country at the moment. The Parliamentary Security Team of the Speaker of the British Parliament sent a warning message to all MPs and colleagues in Westminster on Thursday. It said that Christine Li was deliberately engaging in activities of political interference on behalf of the United Front Affairs Department of the Communist Party of China.

Gardiner was in touch with security services
The Indian community in Britain is also shocked by this news. However, there is no evidence that Gardiner knew Christine Lee was a spy. Gardiner said in a statement that I have been sharing information about Christine Lee with our security services for many years and she always knew about it. He was also made fully aware of my office’s relationship with Christine Lee and the funding she provides.

British MP gave job to Christine Lee’s son
He said that the security services have informed me about the improper funding of Christine Lee. It is not related to any fund raised by my office. Christine Lee’s son worked with my office several years ago. Later I appointed him to the post of diary manager. He resigned from his job on Thursday. The Chinese spy has donated more than £500,000 to Barry Gardiner, an aide to top Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn, to work with his son Daniel Wilkes in his office to date.

It is also reported that she has donated over hundreds of thousands of pounds in several pieces to the Labor Party. Questions were asked about its funding five years ago but no action was taken.


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