Chinese villages in bhutan: China is bullying Bhutan over border dispute, Why it is Tension For India

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  • China is threatening Bhutan to compromise on border dispute
  • India’s tension increased due to China’s construction of villages on Bhutanese land
  • China develops infrastructure near Siliguri Corridor

China has now started threatening Bhutan, a much smaller country than itself, over the border dispute. Despite talks with Bhutan since 1984, China has so far failed to resolve the border dispute. Now nearly four decades later, China is once again beating the drums after signing a new agreement to intensify border talks with Bhutan. It has been revealed only a few days ago that China has built at least four villages on Bhutanese land. India’s concern is also increasing due to the increasing infrastructure of China in this area.

China’s border dispute only with India and Bhutan
China shares a 22457 km long border with 14 countries but has border disputes only with India and Bhutan. There is a 477 km long border between Bhutan and China. There are mainly two areas on the China and Bhutan border, on which there is more dispute. The Memorandum of Understanding with Bhutan has also made it clear that China, which is looking to grab the land of others, is also occupying the land of the world’s least populated and militarily weak country.

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What does China want from Bhutan?
China wants to end the border dispute with Bhutan at any cost. Through this, he is trying to give a false message to the whole world that he has a border dispute only with India and he is not able to compromise due to the dogma of Indian leaders. Not only this, China wants Bhutan to take over a large area adjacent to Tibet and in return, hand over the strategically important area near Doklam to it. India knows that if Bhutan entrusts this area to China, it may threaten the Siliguri Corridor.

Why will the China-Bhutan deal increase India’s troubles?
In fact, China has woven a network of roads and military installations on Bhutanese land near the Siliguri Corridor. This construction of China is close to the Siliguri Corridor. Not only this, this area is close to Doklam, where in 2017 there was military tension between India and China for several months. The Siliguri Corridor is also known as Chicken Neck. This corridor connects the rest of India with the states of the Northeast. This corridor is adjacent to Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. At many places, the width of this corridor is barely 22 km.

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India alert after Galwan violence
India is alert after the violence in Galwan and the ongoing tension in Ladakh. This is the reason why the Indian Army has built many infrastructure along the border with China from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh. Not only this, many precautionary measures have been taken in these areas including mountain corps of Indian Army, light artillery, armored vehicles, tents to provide protection in the cold.

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Jinping is increasing Mao’s expansionism
Chinese villages built inside Bhutan’s land are telling that Xi Jinping is carrying forward the expansionist policy of Mao Zedong. When China occupied Tibet in 1950, its religion and culture greatly influenced Bhutan. The happiness of Bhutan, which is at the top of the Happiness Index, is getting suppressed due to the aggressive attitude of China.


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