Christmas News : Staff Was Having A Christmas Party In The Office Without Inviting Boss Celebration Was Seen In CCTV

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In the last week of December, everyone looks for an excuse to celebrate because the occasion is first Christmas and then New Year’s. In Britain, some employees organized a secret party before Christmas. But no employee invited his boss to this party. The boss came to know about the party when he sat down to check the CCTV cameras at night. Actually, the employees forgot to turn off the cameras while having a Christmas party.

Paul Gallagher and his brother own a bar in Bolton. When he sat down to check the CCTV at night, he was surprised. He saw that the party was going on in the bar. 10 bar workers wearing Santa hats and holding wine in hand are having a Christmas party to which they haven’t been invited. The boss posted pictures of his employees’ celebration on Facebook to bust the secret party.
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Boss was not invited for the party
Talking to The Sun, Paul said that I often keep an eye on things for security and keep checking CCTV. When I logged in that night, I saw my employees partying in Santa hats. We were not invited to this party. The staff knew the bar would close early as it was a Monday night, so they decided to have a party. For this, he also called a Secret Santa and a musician.

The boss laughed after seeing the staff party
Paul told that when he realized that he had forgotten to turn off the CCTV. So he made obscene gestures and taunted Paul before putting the Christmas cap on the camera. Even though the staff didn’t invite their boss to the party, they didn’t mind it at all. Paul said that I wanted him not to drink much because there is a big week ahead. I laughed a lot seeing the staff party.


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