citizen news hong kong: Hong Kong Citizen News outlet to close amid Chinese crackdown on Media after Apple Daily: Citizen News ceases operations in Hong Kong

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A Hong Kong-based online news site said on Sunday it would shut down its operations due to the deteriorating state of press freedom. He made this decision after police raided a separate pro-democracy news organization a few days ago and arrested seven people on charges of sedition. Citizen News announced its decision in a Facebook post on Sunday. She said she would stop reporting on her site on January 4 and the organization would be shut down after that.

She said in a statement, “We have always loved this land but currently we are helpless as we are facing not only rain but also storms and high waves. We never forgot our original intentions but it is a matter of great regret that in the last two years due to rapid changes in society and deteriorating media environment, we have failed to achieve our ideals without any trouble.

Citizen News third institution to close
Citizen News is the third news organization to have shut down in recent months. Earlier, pro-democracy news ‘Apple Daily’ and online news site ‘Stand News’ were also closed. Authorities have stepped up efforts to quell dissent in the semi-autonomous city. China has imposed a tough national security law after pro-democracy demonstrations here in 2019.

A few days ago, authorities raided Stand News and arrested seven people, including its editors and former board members, for allegedly hatching a conspiracy to publish seditious material. On the same day Stand News announced that it would cease its operations.


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