Clearest Photo of Sun: What is the most detailed picture of the Sun, real picture of the Sun

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  • Clearest picture of the sun ever revealed
  • Dark spots seen on the surface of the Sun, later the truth came to light
  • One and a half lakh photographs were used to make this picture.

The sun has always been the center of curiosity for space scientists. Space agencies around the world are also continuously sending missions to investigate the sun. Now a US space photographer Andrew McCarthy has claimed that he has captured the clearest picture of the sun ever. Andrew has used more than 150,000 different photographs to create this picture of the largest star in the Solar System.

1.5 million photos covered in 300 megapixels
All these images can be seen in a final picture of 300 megapixels. This is 30 times larger than the normal 10 megapixel camera’s image. In this, the mysterious dark sunspot can be seen in the most close-up view. Before today, only selected pictures of the sun are such, in which dark spots and flames of its surface are visible.

The mystery of the dark spots visible on the surface of the sun
These dark spots seen on the surface of the Sun are not actually black. Very powerful rays emanating from these places, in such a way that these spots appear black by the photographic process. The process of taking such a picture of the sun is very difficult. A special telescope with two filters has been used to protect the photographer from being blinded by the strong rays of the sun.

What did the photographer say after taking the picture of the sun?
Speaking to Daily Mail, Andrew said that I am always excited to take pictures of the sun, it is really interesting because it is always different from before. Whereas the picture of the moon depends on how clear the sky is. The sun is never boring and that day got a very clear picture.

Photos uploaded to the Cosmic-Background Instagram channel
Andrew McCarthy also runs an account on Instagram called cosmic-background @cosmic-background. Solar cosmic rays emanating from the sun. It contains particles of high energy. These rays consist of nuclei of about 90 percent protons and 10 percent helium. When they collide with the Earth’s atmosphere, a solar storm occurs.


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