cocaine found near PM boris johnson office in UK Parliament, sniffer dogs could be deployed

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  • Security agencies stirred up after cocaine was found in British Parliament
  • Traces of cocaine found near PM Johnson and Home Minister Priti Patel’s office
  • Speaker preparing to deploy sniffer dogs to investigate Parliament

Britain’s Parliament House of Commons has created a ruckus after traces of cocaine were found. Since then, preparations are being made to deploy sniffer dogs in the British Parliament to prevent drug use. These dogs will roam the entire Parliament complex and detect drugs. Speaker of the House of Commons Sir Lindsay Hoyle has also expressed surprise at the discovery of cocaine and has directed the police to conduct an investigation and take new security measures.

There was a stir after getting cocaine in Parliament
These traces of cocaine have been found in the House of Commons in places where only people with parliamentary passes can go. These traces of cocaine were also found near the private offices of Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Home Minister Priti Patel. In the midst of these reports, the British government has now announced to enact a new and stringent law to deal with drug trafficking.

More than 3 million people in the UK do drugs every year
Last year’s Office of National Statistics report said 3 million people in the UK used illicit drugs, including cocaine. Tory MP Charles Walker, who chairs the Commons Administration Committee, said the issue of new drug use laws would be discussed among lawmakers in the House of Commons next week, The Sunday Times reported.

sniffer dogs will be deployed to investigate the parliament
He said the House of Commons has a long history of using sniffer dogs to locate explosives. Maybe now we need to expand the range of sleuths. We are preparing to include dogs that can detect drugs like cocaine.

Britain going to bring tougher laws against drugs
The British government may soon announce new laws to deal with cases of drug trafficking. PM Boris Johnson said that we need to look at new ways of punishing them. They feel that it is a crime to be done without hurting anyone. It’s not like this. We have to tell them, look, you are helping crime run, you are helping ruin lives and we cannot allow this to run in our society.


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