Cone snail venom can be helpful in the treatment of diabetes, scientists claim

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Lifestyle-altering diabetes treatment is possible! Many studies are telling snail venom to be its medicine! Know the full news.

Due to today’s irregular and unhealthy lifestyle, many people suffer from diabetes. This disease changes your whole lifestyle. In this, not only do you get away from your favorite food, but the risk of other diseases also increases. However, a nutritious diet and regular exercise can control it.

But the reason for the biggest problem is the lack of proper treatment. Insulin and medicines can only control it, not cure it. But don’t be discouraged, in a recent study, Cone Snail venom, a chemical derived from cone-shaped snails, is being described as its treatment. Come and know about this in detail.

What is Cone Snail Venom?

It is interesting to know about cone snail venom which is said to be effective in the treatment of diabetes. You must have collected shells on the beach at one time or another. A snail lives inside these shells, with the help of which you can get rid of diabetes. But for such a huge amount of information, it is necessary to have facts. That’s why we are telling about some special studies related to it.

Snail venom diabetes ko theek kar sakta hai
Snail’s venom can cure diabetes from the root. Image : Shutterstock

Studies are telling how effective snail venom is to fight diabetes

UNH Chemical Engineering researchers Harish Vashisht and Biswajit Gorai have found that variants of this venom, known as cone snail insulin (Con-Ins), can help treat diabetes. This may offer future prospects for the development of fast-acting new drugs.

“Diabetes is increasing at an alarming rate, and it is important to find new options to develop effective and budget-friendly drugs for patients,” says Vashistha, associate professor of chemical engineering.

Researchers took a closer look at the venom of the cone snail, according to their study recently published in the Science journal Proteins: Structure, Function and Bioinformatics. It induces a hypoglycemic response, which lowers blood sugar levels. Unlike insulin made in the body, it helps keep your blood sugar under control.

Postdoctoral research associate and lead author, Gorai says, “More studies are needed on this topic. Our research suggests that cone snail venom may be a viable alternative, despite the small peptide. We hope this will help in the development of new and effective drugs in the future.”

Diabetes patient apni lifestyle ka khayal rakhe
Take care of your daily routine for diabetic patients. Image: Shutterstock

It is also important to be careful

The insulin-like venom released by some cone snails can be extremely dangerous. Which can lead to hypoglycemic shock. The sting of the Geographus species of snail is the most venomous. There have also been reports of human deaths caused by them. These cases have been particularly observed in unsuspecting divers who were not exposed to snail venom.

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