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  • Cases also increased rapidly in China after the arrival of Omicron variants
  • Complete lockdown was already imposed in Xi’an province
  • People’s troubles increased due to lockdown in Shiyan, no food

In China too, cases of infection of Corona virus are continuously coming to the fore. To control the corona virus, China has completely locked down another city of Yutzu. According to the news report, three new cases of corona were reported in Yutzu city of China. After this, the administration there has completely locked down the city. In all three cases of corona, no symptoms were visible in the patient.

The epidemic has to be curbed in the shortest possible time
This lockdown has been imposed in Yutzu exactly like the city of Shiyan. On 23 December in Xinjiang, 1.3 million people were forcibly confined to their homes. China is also eyeing the Lunar New Year and the Winter Olympic Games to be held in Beijing. In Yutzu, located about 700 km southwest of Beijing, officials said that “containing and eliminating the epidemic within the shortest possible time is a high-priority political task for both citizens and government employees”. All people have been asked to stay indoors. Only people associated with the disease are allowed to go.

Xi’an Lockdown: 13 million people of China are starving, imprisoned in homes for 9 days, if the latch is opened then it is not good
Worse situation due to lockdown
The situation is looking worse due to the corona virus lockdown in the city of Xi’an, China. Many people have said that they are left with no food to eat due to unnecessary strictness in the lockdown. At the same time, Chinese officials have claimed that enough food is being supplied to the people. In this city, one crore 30 lakh people are imprisoned in their homes for the last nine days.

Strictness increased after Omicron
In the last week of December last year, cases of corona in China started increasing. However, this number is not even one percent of the daily corona cases in India and other countries. China is already infamous for hiding the actual figures of infection. In such a situation, no one has been able to find the actual corona cases in Xian. At the same time, after the case of Omicron in early December, China has increased more strictness.

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