Corona Positive Woman In Flight : Woman Passenger Gets Corona Positive In The Middle Of Flight Even After Booster Dose Locked Herself In Toilet

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A US woman was found infected with Kovid-19 on a flight from Chicago to Iceland halfway through. After this she was isolated in the toilet of the plane for three hours. This information has been given in media reports. According to a report in WABC-TV, Marisa Fotoio, a teacher from Michigan, told that on December 19, halfway through the flight, she started having pain in her throat, then she went to the toilet to do a rapid Kovid test. On examination she was found infected.

Foto said that before boarding the plane, she had done two PCR tests and about five rapid tests and in none she was found infected. But an hour later and halfway on the plane, he started feeling a sore throat. Fotia has also taken the full dose and booster dose of the anti-Covid-19 vaccine. She is regularly monitored as she works with people who do not get their vaccines.

Seeing my report in the toilet, my senses were blown away
She was terrified when she saw the results of the Rapid Kovid test in the toilet of a plane flying over the Atlantic Ocean. According to the news, an assistant on the plane explained to him and tried to allay his nervousness. She told Fatio that she might try to arrange a lonely seat for them at some place but the plane was full of passengers.

Show wisdom by isolating yourself in the toilet
“When she came back and told me that she couldn’t find a proper place to sit, I thought it best to isolate in the toilet because I didn’t want to be in contact with other people on board,” Fotoio said. On arrival at the airport, Photoio was tested for rapid and PCR in which she was found infected. She was then taken to a hotel where she would stay in a separate residence for 10 days.


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