Corona’s antiviral drug “Molnupiravir” has arrived, know everything about it

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Apart from the vaccine, now emergency use of anti-viral drug has also been approved to combat the coronavirus. There is much more you should know about this drug that comes from Dr Reddy’s.

The increasing cases of corona virus infection in the country remain a matter of concern. More than two lakh new cases were registered during the last 24 hours. At the same time, the cases of Omicron variants are also increasing rapidly. In view of this, experts and doctors are advising to take precautions. Till now, only vaccine and precautions were the only way to prevent corona virus infection. But now there is good news for you that the medicine to protect against coronavirus has also arrived. Its name is molanupiravir (Molnupiravir).

Yes, molanupiravir (Molnupiravir) Anti corona drug. A drug that is capable of curing corona virus infection. While this drug has been allowed in many countries, now in India too, the emergency use of this drug has been approved.

First know what is antiviral drug?

Antiviral drugs are drugs that work to fight infection. These medicines are not allowed to be taken without medical advice. There are different antiviral medications available for each type of infection. Antiviral drugs are mostly used by doctors on patients in the treatment of flu.

18 se jyada umar ke logo ke liye hai corona ki dawa
Corona’s new medicine is not for children. Image : Shutterstock

These tablets, capsules, syrups, powders or intravenously are also delivered into the patient’s body. In other viral diseases, antiviral drugs are recommended within 48 hours of initiation. On the other hand, if we talk about the antiviral drug of Kovid-19, then its 5-day course has been prepared and it is a capsule.

How Anti Viral Drugs Work?

According to the World Health Organization, antiviral drugs work to save millions of lives every year. Antiviral drugs work in the body in two ways to eliminate the virus. The first is to kill the bacteria by directly attacking them and the second is to stop the bacteria from growing.

Actually, whenever the virus enters our body, it starts multiplying very fast. The spike proteins present in the virus stick to the cells of our body and start spoiling them. That is why antiviral drugs are most successful in the early stages of the disease.

Let us know what is the antiviral drug Molnupiravir of Covid-19?

Actually Molnupiravir is not a new drug, but it was developed to treat Influenza virus. It was under two names MK-4482 and EIDD-2801. It was found successful in the treatment of corona virus infection. After which it has been introduced as an antiviral drug with some changes in it. These are capsules to be taken through the mouth with water. This medicine prevents the spread of corona virus infection.

Who is making this antiviral drug in India?

In view of the need of the drug, 13 Indian companies are making this drug in India. India’s big pharma companies like Dr Reddy, Sun Pharma, Cipla, Hetero and Optimus and other companies are making this drug to protect against coronavirus infection. It is being told that first Dr Reddy’s medicines will be available in the market.

Dr Reddy’s has named this drug as Molflu, which is ready to hit the markets. The company has kept the price of one capsule of this at Rs 35.

What is ICMR’s opinion on antiviral drugs?

According to ICMR, this new drug for corona virus infection can have many health risks. According to Dr Balram Bhargava of ICMR, Merck’s coronavirus pill has not been added to the national treatment protocol due to some ‘major safety concerns’.

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Molnupiravir will be useful in every strain of Corona. Image: Shutterstock

Dr. Bhargava says, “US approved Molnupiravir based on 1,433 patients with a 3% reduction in severe-moderate COVID disease. The drug can cause teratogenicity, mutagenicity and can also damage cartilage. It can also be harmful to the muscles.

Know this big information about this medicine

The dosage of this medicine for corona virus infection will be 200 mg. It will be given as a 5-day course to the infected person who will have severe symptoms of corona. It will work perfectly on the Delta variant. An infected person will have to consume 8 tablets in a day. That is, a total of 40 tablets are consumed in 5 days, which will cost around Rs 1400.

when will the medicine be given

This medicine is to be consumed only on the advice of a doctor and cannot be given to people below the age of 18 years. Apart from this, pregnant women are not allowed to consume it.

5 din ka course me di jayegi dawa
It will be given as a 5-day course to the infected person who will have severe symptoms of corona. Image : Shutterstock

Note that no one can use it on their own free will. Only patients with severe symptoms of Kovid-19 will be given this medicine on medical advice. This drug is actually made by American pharma company Merck’s. Which is currently approved by the FDA as a drug of Corona.


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