coronavirus testing kit: Face Mask News: The mask will glow as soon as it comes in contact with the virus, scientists have made a ‘testing kit’ from ‘ostrich eggs’ – Scientist Develops Facemask From Ostrich Antibodies That Glows When Coronavirus Detected

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A team of researchers from Japan’s Kyoto Prefectural University has informed that they have created such face masks that glow when the corona virus is detected. These masks are made using Ostrich antibodies. It is expected that these can encourage economical and home testing of Corona. The mask is covered with a layer of Ostrich antibodies filter that targets the corona virus. These masks are based on research in which it was found that birds have a strong immunity.

Researchers said in a press release that after people have been infected, when the virus is present, the layer of Ostrich antibodies on the mask will start shining under the nose and mouth. The masks were created by a team led by Yasuhiro Tsukamoto, President and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Kyoto Prefectural University. Talking with Kyodo News, he said that we can produce antibodies on a large scale from ostriches at low cost. In the future I want to make this a simple test kit that anyone can use.
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Masks glowing with ‘Kovid-19’ in testing
Researchers conducted a study in which test subjects were infected with the corona virus and had to wear a mask for eight hours. The filter inside the mask was later removed and a chemical was sprayed on it that glowed under ultraviolet light when the coronavirus was detected. The team reported that the masks worn by all the individuals were glowing with ‘Covid-19’. Masks can help detect the virus in people who are infected but have no symptoms of infection.

Infection can be exposed even in asymptomatic people
People without symptoms are considered more dangerous than infected people because they do not have symptoms of Kovid-19, so they escape testing and thus they serve as carriers of the virus. These masks can also confirm the virus in people who are feeling healthy but are infected. The team next plans to make masks that will glow without the aid of any special light when the virus is present.

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