Coronavirus Treatment: RNA Based Treatment May Protect Against Many Variants Of Corona Virus Study Suggests

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A study on rats has revealed that an ‘RNA’ molecule that spurs the body’s initial anti-virus system may develop immunity against several forms of corona virus, including ‘delta’. According to researchers at the Yale School of Medicine in the US, this molecule could lead to new treatments for COVID-19 patients who have weakened immune systems.

Developing countries may reduce the pressure of treatment
According to a recent paper published in the journal ‘Journal of Experimental Medicine’ (JEM), this study could provide low-cost treatment for developing countries where vaccines are scarce. This study was done before the oomicron form of the virus was revealed. Earlier in a study, it was revealed that infection with the corona virus or SARS-CoV-2 can make a patient make a variety of antibodies that work against his own body for up to six months after complete recovery.
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Kovid-19 is a different kind of disease
Research published in the Journal of Translational Medicine found that people who have been infected with Kovid-19 develop an immune system that lasts long after the initial infection and recovery. It also develops in people who have had mild symptoms or no symptoms.

“These findings of the study are helpful in explaining what causes COVID-19 to be a distinct disease,” said co-study Justina Furt-Bober, affiliated with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in the US. All people with SARS-CoV were found to have elevated levels of ‘auto antibodies’ that attack their own body parts.


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