Cosmic Monster : Star Erupts And Ejects As Much Energy As One Billion Suns Within One Tenth Of A Second Called Cosmic Monster

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A magnetar star was observed to emit energy as much as a billion Suns in less than a tenth of a second. This star is being called ‘Cosmic Monster’, which is located in the Sculptor Galaxy, which is located at a distance of 1300 million light years from our Earth. According to researchers led by the University of Valencia, during the energy explosion, the magnetar ejected energy equivalent to that produced by the Sun in 100,000 years.

Study co-author Professor Victor Regalero said that the magnetar explosion, which lasted about a tenth of a second, was recorded on 15 April 2020. It really is a monster of space. Magnetars are a subcategory of neutron stars. Magnetars are objects that are only 12.4 miles in diameter that can hold up to five million times the mass of Earth with extremely strong magnetic fields.
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Difficult to detect magnetar explosion
Violent explosions occur in magnetars, but they last less than a second, so they are extremely difficult to detect. In the new study, researchers used the AIM instrument aboard the International Space Station to study the energy of a star called GRB2001415. With the help of this technique, the team of scientists recorded the intensity and duration of the magnetar explosion.

Sun will be able to extract so much energy in one lakh years
Alberto J., who led this study. Castro-Tirado said that even in its inactive state, the magnetar can be a million times brighter than our Sun. But the explosion of GRB2001415 we studied is equivalent to the energy released by the Sun in a million years. However, the reason for this burst of energy is not yet known. Researchers suspect that this could be due to instability in the magnetosphere of the stars or that such an explosion could be seen due to a kind of ‘earthquake’ in their surface.


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