COVID-19 Testing: What You Need to Know: What to do if you test positive for COVID-19

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  • Expert told what to do after corona got infected
  • Patients were asked to keep distance from other people, monitor their health
  • Keep in touch with the doctor and talk to him if you have any problems

For the last two years, the whole world is in the grip of Corona epidemic. Due to the arrival of new variants of corona, fluctuations in the cases of infection are also being seen. After battling the horrors of the lockdown, the whole world has accelerated the pace of vaccination. Despite this, people are becoming positive again with the highly infectious Omicron variant. When someone comes to know that he is infected, he panics on knowing it. But this does not mean that it is necessary to go to the hospital if you are infected. There are some guidelines in this regard which should be followed.

Natasha Yates, assistant professor at Bond University in Robina, Australia, said that if the infection has been confirmed in the rapid antigen test at home, then there is no need to conduct a PCR test. If you have symptoms but you have neither done PCR nor rapid test, then you should first assume that you are infected and should remain in isolation till the test is done.

Stay in isolation and alert people who came in contact
If someone can take care of you, help you, ask them to keep up with you daily or talk on the phone. You should also inform your workplace and postpone all your appointments for the coming week. It is necessary to trace the people who came in contact with the patient and you should also alert the people who came in contact with you. In some states, you must notify the public health system that you are infected. However, there is no uniform policy regarding this everywhere.

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Under the current national guidelines, in case of mild symptoms and if you are not already suffering from any serious disease, then you can get treatment at home. Some people may need to seek health advice over the phone. At the same time, people over 65 years of age, pregnant women, those with weakened immunity and those with diabetes, obesity, heart, liver or lung diseases or who are not vaccinated may need advice. Since people in this group are at higher risk, medical advice may be needed.

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Protect other people in the household after getting infected
Some things should be taken care of. You should ensure that other people in the household are safe as far as possible. Not necessarily every member of the household will be infected with you. The house should be ventilated, cleanliness should be maintained. Since you cannot go out of the house, make arrangements for medicines, food items. Food should be kept in small amounts. You should drink plenty of water to maintain the water content in your body.

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Talk to a doctor if the oxygen level drops
If your oxygen level drops to 92 percent or below, you need immediate medical attention. Smartwatches should not be relied upon to measure oxygen levels. Every day in the morning, afternoon, evening some questions should be asked myself, can I eat food on my own? Do I need any medicine? Can I go to the toilet without any support? If the answer to these questions is no, you may need medical help.

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If you see these symptoms, seek medical help immediately
If there is difficulty in breathing, difficulty in speaking a sentence, inability to sleep properly, feeling unconscious, changing skin color, pain, difficulty in passing urine, or coughing up blood or chest pain Then medical advice should be taken. Lastly, if you are reading all this before getting infected then this is a very opportune time to prepare yourself in advance.

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What to do after getting infected with corona


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