covid penis size: what is the main cause of erectile dysfunction, how do you fix

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  • American man claims – Penis length reduced by one and a half inches from Corona
  • Also claimed to increase impotence and decrease in sex due to the sitting of nerves
  • In many research, it has been claimed to get rare cases of impotence from corona.

A man in America has claimed that due to corona infection, the length of his penis has reduced by 1.5 inches. He said that his vascular system has been damaged by the corona. Veins and arteries come in this system, which work to carry blood throughout the body. Before getting infected with Corona, that person had described his penis as above average in size.

‘Penis has become smaller due to corona’
Sex podcast ‘How to do eat. In ‘Sex Advice with Stoya and Rick’, the man said that after being infected with the corona virus in July 2021 and hospitalized, his penis became one and a half inches smaller. She claimed that having smaller penises had a profound effect on her confidence and sex abilities. The age of this person is said to be around 30 years.

also claimed to increase impotence
The person said that he defeated the corona virus in July last year. When I was discharged from the hospital, I became a victim of erectile dysfunction (impotence). I also got treatment for getting rid of this disease for several months, but could not be successful. I noticed that due to this disease the size of my penis became very small. She claimed that doctors have told that the reduction in penis size can be permanent. The reason for this is less blood reaching the veins of the penis.

Such symptoms were seen in a few people in research
A study by the University College of London claimed a relationship between the corona and the reduction of penis length. In this research, 3400 people who were affected by corona for a long time were included. Of this, a rare case of a smaller penis than before was found in 200 people. At the same time, the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine of America also published a study related to this in the World Journal of Men’s Health. It was claimed that some people have seen symptoms of impotence due to corona for a long time.

What did the urologists say?
Dr Charles Welliver, director of men’s health at New York’s Albany Medical College and a urologist, said that COVID infection can actually cause impotence. He also said that in some cases, symptoms like shrinking of the penis can also be seen. Even further impotence can increase. Dr. Ashley Winter, another urologist from Oregon, has also supported the validity of these claims.


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