covid recovery tips suggested by AYUSH.- Ayush suggested covid recovery tips.

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Corona virus infection has spread everywhere. So what should you do? The Ministry of AYUSH is answering this most asked question on Google.

The third wave of the corona virus infection epidemic was expected to come from February. However, as the cases of infection are increasing in lakhs, it is being speculated that the third wave of corona may reach its peak in the month of January itself. The increasing cases daily are raising the concerns of the public as well as the health department and scientists, because everyone is aware of the condition of the country in the second wave. If you too are starting to panic in these situations, then be patient. The Ministry of AYUSH is telling the measures to be safe from Kovid in such a situation.

winter season and third wave of covid

This cold season is similarly known for the common cold and its symptoms are also somewhat similar to Omicron. Due to which it is becoming difficult for patients to understand the difference between infection and flu. In such a situation, a security strategy has been issued for you by the Union Ministry of AYUSH, which will help protect you from infection.

In the new guidelines issued by the ministry, some hacks have been given to boost immunity.

But first consider this matter of the Ministry of AYUSH

immunity badhane ke liye istemal karein ye herbsAyurvedic Herbs can help you win from Corona. Image : Shutterstock

Releasing the security strategy, some important things have been said by the Ministry of AYUSH, which should be known. And it is important for everyone to understand. All the measures mentioned in this fall under the Appropriate Behavior of Corona. The remedy is not meant to completely protect you from infection.

You have to follow the covid protocol. Which includes wearing a mask, washing hands thoroughly, following social distancing, getting the corona vaccine. All the measures issued by the ministry will help you in increasing your immunity. Which are very important in fighting Corona.

Measures issued based on research studies

Issuing the instructions, the Ministry of AYUSH said that the study was conducted by MOA (Ministry of Ayush) in collaboration with several medical institutions to improve immunity and prophylaxis against corona. All these security measures have come to the fore after a thorough study and analysis.

Know what are the Kovid-19 safety measures given by the Ministry of AYUSH

Remedies have been shared by the Ministry of AYUSH in 3 phases which include Ayurvedic Invention, some Ayurvedic Classical Literature and some Common Ayurvedic Medicines and Remedies.

These things can be consumed on the advice of ayurvedic doctor

  1. Immunity increases by eating 20 grams of Chyawanprash with warm water every morning on an empty stomach.
  2. Consuming Ashwagandha with hot water is also very beneficial for immunity.
  3. Apart from this, you can also make herbal decoction. It is also very beneficial for your immunity. To make the decoction, it is necessary to have 3 grams of basil, cinnamon, dry ginger, black pepper. Apart from this, you can also add dry grapes or jaggery for taste.

Keep in mind that you should consume only one of the above mentioned things daily. Otherwise, in case of any problem, consult your doctor immediately.

Include some common things in the routine:

ayush mantralaya deta hai garam pani peene ki salah Ministry of AYUSH advises to drink hot water.
Image: Shutterstock
  1. drink hot water
  2. Turmeric milk is beneficial
  3. In cooking, make sure to use turmeric, cumin, coriander, dry ginger and garlic.
  4. Include amla in your daily diet
  5. Gargle daily by adding turmeric and salt to hot water
  6. Avoid eating stale food and eat only freshly prepared.
  7. Try doing yoga, pranayama or meditation every morning for about half an hour.
  8. It is important to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep, apart from this, avoid sleeping during the day.

some ayurvedic therapy will also work for you

  1. Oil Pulling Therapy

tel se kulla karna hai fayademand Oil pulling kills the bacteria inside your mouth. Image: Shutterstock

Take a spoonful of oil or coconut oil and rinse with it. Make sure that the oil does not get into your stomach. After gargling, spit out the oil and then rinse once with warm water.

2 Steam Therapy

If you have a sore throat or runny nose, you can take steam. It will be very beneficial for you. If you want, you can also include mint leaves, celery, camphor in the water of this team.

some final words

These measures given by the Ministry of AYUSH do not confirm the treatment of corona virus infection. The measures issued are only and only to improve your immunity system. So that your body can better fight any kind of infection. Before doing all these remedies, consult an ayurvedic doctor. So that he can advise you according to your body and according to your environment.

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