CPEC Protest: Protests erupt in Pakistan’s Gwadar amid growing backlash against CPEC

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Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan is enslaved the people of his own country with the help of Communist China. This is the reason that after Balochistan, now there is a tremendous protest in Gwadar too. People are opposing the China Pakistan Economic Corridor. They allege that restrictions are being placed on their freedom because of CPEC. In order to protect the investment of China in the whole of Gwadar, the Pakistan Police has set up check posts at various places. Every Pakistani is thoroughly screened while crossing these check-posts.

Imran is supplying people’s electricity and water to Chinese companies
The entire Gwadar is witnessing acute shortage of water and electricity. The Imran government is supplying electricity and water for the people’s share to Chinese companies. China has made Gwadar the base of CPEC. That’s why a large number of Chinese companies are doing construction work in this city. Due to lack of electricity and water, the anger of the people has reached the seventh heaven. People are also agitated because of the threat to livelihood from poaching of fish. Activists of some political parties, civil rights activists and people concerned with these subjects have been gathering for the past one week at Y Chowk on Port Road in Gwadar.

China is not deterring from robbing Pakistan, illegal fishing boats seized in Gwadar
China has stopped funding of CPEC
The Imran Khan government had told the Pakistan Senate’s special committee on CPEC that many infrastructure projects are hanging due to China’s cessation of funding for CPEC. This committee had also cursed the government a lot regarding the smart city project in Gwadar. In this meeting of the committee chaired by Senator Dr. Sikandar Mandru, the government had told that due to paucity of funds in CPEC project, we are using our federal development fund money in many projects including Khujdar-Basima project.

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Bus paperwork done in the name of CPEC
Senator Kabir Ahmed Shahi, then a member of the committee, had said that only paperwork has been done on CPEC. I have been saying for the last four years that we are buying power from Iran, so we should start our own 300 MW project. Taking a jibe at this project, he said that it was started as if a watchman was made to sit outside one of the tents. The fencing around New Gwadar International Airport is shameful. Actually the work of this airport has not started yet. He said that we have to be patient, it may be all right in a few days.

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The situation is bad in the whole of Balochistan.
The situation is already very bad in Balochistan, one of the most disturbed areas of Pakistan. Gwadar is also a coastal city situated in the south-west of this Balochistan province. The people of Balochistan do not like CPEC at all. This is the reason why Chinese engineers and Pakistani army are being attacked every day in Balochistan. People allege that Pakistan took the decision related to CPEC without consulting Baloch leaders.

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Balochistan’s strategic position is very important
Balochistan has a strategic position in Pakistan. Balochistan, which is one of the largest provinces from Pakistan, shares its borders with Afghanistan and Iran. At the same time, Karachi is also in the JD of these people. A major part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor passes through this province. The Baloch also had control over the Gwadar port, which Pakistan has now handed over to China.

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Pakistan became an economic slave from China’s debt
Pakistan has taken so much debt from China in the name of CPEC that it will not be able to repay it even in the next 100 years. Pakistan, which is going through the condition of pauper, had recently asked for an extension to pay off its $3 billion debt from China. After which China rejected this request of Pakistan outright. Pakistan had a total debt of $ 294 billion as of 30 December 2020, which is 109 percent of its total GDP. Economic experts say that this ratio of debt and GDP can be up to 220 percent by the end of 2023.

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$21.7 billion debt in the name of CPEC
As of December 2019, Pakistan had taken a loan of about $21.7 billion from China for the CPEC project. Of these, $15 billion in debt has been taken by the Chinese government and the remaining $6.7 billion from financial institutions there. Now returning this debt has become a big problem in front of Pakistan. Pakistan has only foreign exchange reserves of only 10 billion dollars and it cannot return such a huge amount to China.

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CPEC becomes China’s neck
The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor has now become a dragon’s neck. Even after investing billions of money, China is not getting the benefit for which it had invested 60 billion dollars. Politics is also at its peak in Pakistan regarding this. At the same time, Pakistani leaders immersed in corruption are also taking care of the road construction work.

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China fears of sinking investment
After investing $60 billion in CPEC, China seems to be back on the whole plan. The local people of Gilgit Baltistan and PoK are also against this project. The politics of Pakistan also remains a problem for China. Attacks on Chinese citizens working in tribal areas have also increased.


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