Davis-Monthan Air Force Base biggest aircraft graveyard in the world

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  • The largest parking lot of retired planes is built in the desert of Arizona, America
  • Over 4,400 aircraft and spacecraft stand at Davis Monthan Air Force Base
  • 800 mechanics work day and night, good spare parts are removed and used

The largest parking lot of planes remains in the desert of Arizona, America. Spread over 2600 acres, this area is home to more than 4400 airplanes and spacecraft. Known as the Boneyard, this place is known as the graveyard of planes. Various types of transport aircraft, bombers, fighter aircraft, UAVs have been kept in the boneyard. Many aircraft from the Second World War have also been kept at this place.

Employees repair planes and remove parts
The 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group of the US Air Force is responsible for the maintenance of these aircraft, stationed at Davis Monthan Air Force Base. The group repairs aircraft parked at the boneyard and enables some to fly again. The spare-parts of the rest of the aircraft are taken out and supplied all over the world. These spare-parts are used in other aircraft.

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800 mechanics work day and night
Colonel Jennifer Barnard, the commander of this airbase, said that eight hundred mechanics keep working day and night here. They remove recyclable parts from old planes and make them workable. Colonel Barnard has served 25 years as a US Air Force Aircraft Maintenance Officer. Presently he is the Commander and Operation Incharge of this airbase.

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The price of this ‘junkhouse’ is $ 35 billion
Colonel Jennifer Barnard said that the total value of the planes standing at this airbase is between $ 34 billion and $ 35 billion. He told that this airbase was started in 1946. After World War II, the army needed a place to store old aircraft. He chose Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona. Built in about 2000 football fields, this airbase has the space to keep thousands of aircraft.

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Why was this place chosen to keep the planes?
It is said that this place is the perfect season to park planes. It is summer here, there is light rain, but there is no moisture and soil in the air. Due to this there is no risk of rusting in the planes. Secondly, there is no dearth of space at this airbase. This gives them ample parking space when new aircraft arrive. This area is as hard as concrete, so there is no danger of them sinking into the ground even if it rains.

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80 types of planes and helicopters are parked
Colonel Barnard said that there are about 80 types of aircraft and helicopters at this airbase. Most of these are military aircraft, which come after retirement from the Air Force, Navy, Army and Marines. He said that there are also LC-130 aircraft, which have skis under the wheels to make them landable in Antarctica. Many NASA aircraft have also been kept here.


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