deep sea creature looks like alien: Alien Fish Video : Deep Sea Creature Looks Like Alien Fish With Transparent Head And Rotating Eyes ‘Glass’ transparent head, 360 degree rotating eyes

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Sea creatures are often compared to aliens due to their peculiar size and physical structure. Now a fish is being called ‘alien’ which lives about 2,000 feet below the sea off the coast of California. Actually the head of the fish is transparent which highlights its glowing eyes. This creature living in the deep sea is called ‘Bareilly fish’. The Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute has spotted this deep-sea creature using its remote-operated vehicle (ROV).

The information accompanying the video reads, “Vehicles like the Ventana and Doc Ricketts from MBARI have made more than 5,600 successful dives.” and recorded over 27,600 hours of video, yet we have only encountered this fish nine times. The eyes of this fish are two glowing green balls on the back of its face that can be seen from the top of its transparent head. Its eyes can look in both upward and forward directions in search of food.
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Eyes are clearly visible with a transparent head
The barreleye fish was spotted last week during an expedition led by Rachel Carson to Monterey Bay, off the coast of California, CNET reports. But it was first discovered in 1939. The rest of its body is mostly black, the head being transparent from which its eyes can be seen clearly. According to evolutionary biologists, fish have developed a powerful ability to perceive the magnitude of the harsh environment around them, where sunlight does not reach.

Rotating eyes seen in 2019
Its eyes are known as tubular eyes, which are commonly found in deep-sea creatures. It consists of a multi-layer retina and a large lens that allows them to capture maximum light from one direction. It was initially believed to have fixed eyes, but in 2019 a new study revealed that the fish’s extraordinary eyes can rotate within a transparent head.


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