Deltacron Varinat News : Deltacron New Variant Cyprus Records Cases Of New Variant Deltacron Mixture Of Delta And Omicron Variant

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  • Corona’s most dangerous variants Delta and Omicron meet together
  • A new and third variant was prepared by the merger of both – ‘Deltakron’
  • 25 cases of DeltaCron reported in Cyprus, symptoms like older variants

The world is currently facing the havoc of Omicron, the new variant of Corona. Even the wounds that Delta inflicted on people last year were not yet healed with news of a third variant coming in. Researchers in Cyprus have discovered a new variant that appears to be a combination of Omicron and Delta. Scientists have named it ‘Deltakron’ which is the most recent example of a combination of variants.

Reports quoted Professor Leondios Kostrikis of the University of Cyprus, Head of the Laboratory of Biotechnology and Molecular Virology, as saying that there are currently 25 cases of DeltaCron registered. According to the team of researchers, double infection has been found in most of those people who were admitted to the hospital after being found corona infected. Kostrikis told a local TV channel that Delta and Omicron cases are currently being reported and now it has got a new variant which is a combination of both.
Omicron tsunami hit the world, record cases of corona in 46 countries, big danger in India
Omicron and Delta-like symptoms
It is not clear whether DeltaCron is more contagious or how likely it is to dominate the older variants. Some people have also called it ‘Delmicron’. Earlier in a report, it was said that the characteristics of the new variant are also similar to those seen in the two different variants before. However, it should also be noted that at present such variants have not been officially approved by the World Health Organization or any other international body.

Corona’s tsunami has arrived!
The warning of the head of the World Health Organization on the Omicron variant of the corona virus seems to be proving to be true. There has been a tsunami of Omicron variants across the globe and 46 countries are witnessing record COVID cases. The condition is that even in countries where a large number of people have received the corona vaccine, hospitals are being filled with patients. There are indications that the ICUs of hospitals in India and the US may be overcrowded, causing a lot of problems for patients.

Corona havoc once again in 46 countries
According to a report based on data from the British newspaper Telegraph, people who have strong immunity are facing less serious diseases due to Omicron. However, due to the high number of cases of infection, there is a danger of destroying the health system of the world. On the basis of global data in the report, it has been said that the number of cases of new corona infection in 1 million people has reached its highest level in 46 out of 191 countries of the world.


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