democracy summit 2021: Joe Biden inaugurates democracy summit 2021 in White House: Joe Biden inaugurates democracy summit 2021 at White House

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  • Biden inaugurated the two-day summit on democracy
  • Biden said – leaders and countries should work for the strength of democracy around the world
  • China furious over calling Taiwan, said – America is making democracy a weapon

US President Joe Biden on Thursday opened the first White House summit on democracy. During this, he expressed concern about the global degradation of democratic institutions. Biden also called on world leaders to cooperate and show what democracy can offer. On the other hand, China has alleged that America is developing democracy as a new weapon.

Biden urges to strengthen democracy
Biden also said it was an important time for fellow leaders to redouble efforts to strengthen democracy. He mentioned that he himself found success in his efforts when the Voting Rights Bill was passed in the country. He mentioned his challenges to democratic institutions and traditions in America.

Two-day summit begins
Inaugurating the two-day digital summit, Biden said it was an urgent matter. The numbers we are seeing are pointing in the wrong direction to a large extent. The summit is discussing topics that Biden has previously mentioned as a priority in his first year as president. He has repeatedly stressed that America and like-minded allies need to show the world that democracy is far better for society than autocracy.

Leaders and citizen groups from 110 countries are participating
The White House says the two-day summit will give leaders from 110 countries and experts from civic groups an opportunity to work together and share ideas on important issues such as combating corruption and respecting human rights. Even before the summit, the event is facing criticism from countries that have not been invited to it.

The ambassadors of China and Russia wrote articles and criticized
The ambassadors of China and Russia to the US wrote a joint article in the National Interest Policy Journal in which they described the Biden administration as displaying a Cold War mindset that would increase ideological differences and rifts in the world. The administration also faced criticism for how it decided who to invite and who not to attend the conference. At the same time, the Biden administration says that this conference, organized through virtual medium, is an important meeting, especially at a time when there is a trend of deep degradation of freedom around the world.

China provoked by calling Taiwan
China is angry that the US has invited Taiwan for the conference. Taiwan, a self-governing island, is one of 110 countries invited to the conference held on 9-10 December. China claims Taiwan as its mainland. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said that this proves that the US is politicizing democracy and turning it into a weapon.

China said – its goal is to divide the world
Wang said the facts show that the so-called Conference for Democracy has nothing to do with the global public welfare of democracy, but rather about serving America’s self-interest and maintaining American supremacy. China has been criticizing the convention, saying that democracy is not a US monopoly and the aim of the summit is to divide the world.


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