Dinosaur News : Scientist Discovers Footprints Of Dinosaur On Welsh Beach Over 200 Million Years Old

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Dinosaur footprints found on a beach have shown that these giant animals gathered here 200 million (200 million) years ago. Scientists are studying the footprints of a group of long-necked dinosaurs. Printed images have been used to create 3D models so that researchers can study more easily and accurately.

Experts from the Natural History Museum have now published the results of their study on these markings, which are believed to belong to sauropodomorphs. These species include the famous Diplodocus which were present here during the Triassic period. The research was carried out after it was discovered last year by walker Kerry Rees in Penarth, near Cardiff. Professor Paul Barrett of the museum says that from the number of footprints it is possible that many sauropods gathered at this site.
Thousands of dinosaur footprints found in Poland, scientists surprised to see ‘priceless treasure’
Fossils are formed by drying in sunlight
The results of research by scientists from Britain and France have now been published in Geological Magazine. Scientists said these figures have raised edges called ‘Squelch Marks’ where dinosaurs put their feet in the mud. These marks dry up in sunlight and then turn into fossils. Earlier, thousands of footprints of dinosaurs who ruled the earth were found in Poland.

Fossils and bones found in Poland
The scaly skin of dinosaurs could also be easily seen here. Experts said that these dinosaur footprints can provide new information about the ecosystem of 200 million years ago. The National Research Institute, a geological institute in Poland, called it a ‘treasure’. The decomposed remains and bones were found in an open quarry in the Borkovice area, 130 km south of the capital, Warsaw.

Dinosaur habits can be detected by traces
Geologist Grzegorz said, ‘From the footprints left by the dinosaurs, you can trace the behavior and habits of the dinosaurs … We have the traces of the dinosaurs running, swimming, resting and sitting.’ The largest footprints of these meat-eating dinosaurs are 40 centimeters or 15.7 inches long.


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