Discovery Of Aliens: NASA Hires Priest To Prepare Humans To Contact With Aliens In Case They Are Discovered NASA is recruiting priests, will give training to humans

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For a long time, the American space agency NASA has been searching for the existence of aliens. From time to time, shocking claims have been made about UFOs and creatures from other planets. However, neither those claims could be confirmed nor did NASA get success in this mission. Now NASA is going to include some priests and priests in its mission to search for aliens. These priests will prepare humanity for contact with the aliens.

Being included in a space mission does not mean that they will be sent to space. Actually, NASA has made a plan under which the help of 24 theologians will be taken. The space agency wants to find out how the world’s different religions will react to reports of life on another planet. British pastor Dr Andrew Davison is also one of them. NASA is hiring religious experts as part of progress in its efforts to find life outside Earth.
Villagers troubled by ‘robber’ aliens, sometimes take away cows and sometimes kidnap humans with UFOs
How Will ‘Searching for Aliens’ Change Thinking?
How might the search for life on another planet affect thinking about God and the origin of life? NASA is looking for an answer to this question. Dr Davidson says that the possibility of getting life outside this world is more and more. In his book, he asked the question, Can God create life elsewhere in the universe? The most shocking recent claim about aliens has been made by a tribe in Mexico.

aliens kidnapping cows
A Mexican tribe has described their ‘traumatic experience’ of living near a secret US military base for decades. People claim that aliens keep coming and going on this base. It is claimed that aliens kidnap local people’s cows and cut off their limbs. These people have been living here for almost 60 years and now they are troubled. They say that they have often seen UFOs around the mountain, which is believed to be the center of ‘Dulse Base’. It is located in New Mexico near the city of Dulce.


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