Do not give paracetamol to children after vaccination, Bharat Biotech advises

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It is being advised to adopt natural remedies to deal with mild fever and body pain. While drugs like painkillers and crocin were recommended for adults.

The vaccination campaign is going on successfully in the country from 16 January 2021. Now the vaccination campaign of children has also started from 3rd January. The third wave was said to be more dangerous for children. In view of this, vaccination drives have been started across India for children. Some effects are commonly seen after vaccination, in which fever and pain are a major effect. Bharat Biotech has issued an important information in this context.

Children should not be given paracetamol after vaccination

On the very first day of the vaccination campaign started for children, more than 40 lakh children Got your vaccinations done. When the vaccination campaign was started in the country to prevent corona virus infection, many side effects were seen in people after getting the vaccine. In which fever and severe body pain were one of the common symptoms.

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Know what Bharat Biotech has advised to the children who have got Covaxin. Image : Shutterstock

To emerge from this, paracetamol tablets were being given by the vaccination center. At the same time, the news of the vaccination center giving advice to give tablets even after vaccination of children was in the news. In such a situation, the question was arising in the minds of parents whether to give tablets to children after vaccination or not. To which the vaccine maker Bharat Biotech gave the answer.

Bharat Biotech gave this advice

Bharat Biotech has shared this important information from its official Twitter account. It states that paracetamol or any pain killer is not at all suitable for children who have taken Bharat Biotech’s Covaccine dose. If any kind of side effect is seen in children, then it is advisable to consume medicines only after medical consultation.

Are the side effects of the vaccine visible on children too?

Bharat Biotech said that in clinical trials conducted on 30,000 people, only 10-20 percent of people have seen side effects. He was also not very big. It gets cured in a day or two and there is no need of medicine at all. The company said that if more side effects are being seen in someone, then take any medicine only after consulting the doctor.

What should parents do if they see side effects in their children?

Side effects can occur after the vaccine in children. Image : Shutterstock

  1. Antibodies are made in the body for about 4 weeks after getting the vaccine. In such a situation, it is very important to adopt every measure of cleanliness and infection prevention. Children are often negligent. In such a situation, parents need to take care of cleanliness.
  2. If children are having pain at the injection site or if they have red marks in their hands, then the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has given a solution. According to the CDC, a good solution is to cover the area with a light cool cloth.
  3. If a child is afraid of injections or becomes unconscious during the injection, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that sitting or lying down for about 15 minutes after vaccination may help prevent fainting. .
  4. The problem of fever has been seen in people of all ages who have been vaccinated. If a child has a problem with fever, do not give medicine to him without consulting a doctor. If the fever is high, then by placing a cold cloth on the forehead, take measures to bring down the fever.

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