Dog Meat In South Korea : South Korea To Set Up Task Force To Consider Banning Dog Meat

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South Korea said on Thursday it would set up a task force to consider outlawing the eating of dog meat. It is worth noting that the country’s President Moon Jae-in had offered to consider changing this centuries-old food-drinking habit of eating dog meat in the country about two months ago. In fact, restaurants selling dog meat in South Korea are on the verge of closure because the youth is not liking dog meat much.

Another reason for this is the increased trend of keeping pets, dogs and cats etc. Despite this, a recent survey has revealed that even though people do not eat dog meat, more and more people are opposed to banning it. A joint statement issued by seven departments of the government, including the agriculture ministry, said that they have decided to constitute a group of officials, civil/civilian experts and people from related organisations.
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The ban on dog meat is yet to be decided
This group will give its views/recommendations on the possibilities of banning dog meat. The statement said that the administration will also collect information from dog farms, restaurants and other places and seek the views of the public in this regard. This will be South Korea’s first attempt, but the government says the entire exercise does not mean a ban on dog meat will be imposed.

15 lakh dogs are killed every year
However, the government has faced criticism from both dog owners and animal rights activists for its lax attitude. According to Joe Yangbang, general secretary of the Association of Dog Farmers, around 1 million to 1.5 million dogs are killed each year for food purposes in South Korea. 10-20 years ago their number was several lakhs. At present, thousands of farmers in the country breed 10 to 20 lakh dogs every year to get meat.


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