Driverless Tractor Farming: John Deere Unveils Driverless Tractor 8R That Can Be Controlled By Farmers Using Smartphone Future Of Farming

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  • A view of how farming will be done in the future around the world has started showing in America.
  • Giant American company John Deere designed the first driverless tractor
  • Farmers will be able to control this tractor with their smartphone and the labor crisis will end.

A view of how farming will be done in the future around the world has started showing in America. Legendary American company John Deere has designed the first driverless tractor. Farmers will be able to control this tractor from their smartphone. This tractor is so smart that if any animal comes in front of it, it will stop plowing. Farmers will be able to drive this self-driving tractor 24 hours a day, day or night. The company has named this tractor as 8R. Let us know how this tractor capable of revolutionizing the world of farming works…..

The 8R tractor was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Wednesday. In America, some farmers are using this tractor since the year 2019. The company claims that this tractor will end the workers’ crisis in the world. 6 pairs of cameras have been installed in this tractor and it is equipped with Artificial Intelligence. Being equipped with this technology, the tractor can easily check everything around it. If any animal or object comes in its way, it stops.

The company has not yet announced the price of this tractor.
The company has also said that the camera and computer can be installed in any existing tractor in just one day and then there will be no need for a driver to drive it. The company is going to manufacture 20 such tractors this year and it will be manufactured on a large scale in the coming years. John Deere has not yet said whether it will sell the tractor or lease it to farmers. The company has not yet announced the price of this tractor. At the same time, the farmers’ union of Britain has welcomed this tractor.

John Deere driverless tractor

Some farmers in America are using tractor without driver

British farmers say that when the prices of these devices come down, only one farmer will be able to easily run his fleet of robots in the field. The company said that farmers around the world are facing labor crisis. The situation has become worse in the Corona pandemic. For this reason, the demand for autonomous vehicles is increasing rapidly. In fact, workers all over the world including India, especially youth, are now migrating from villages to cities, this has created a labor crisis in front of the farmers.
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Tractor can be driven remotely with the help of smartphone
John Deere Company’s Chief Technology Officer Jahmi Hindman said, “The world population is projected to grow from 8 billion to 10 billion by 2050. This will increase the global food demand by 50%. He told that this tractor can be driven from a distant office with the help of a smartphone. The farmers just have to decide the path of the tractor and he will have to decide the rate of seed drop in the field. With the help of technology, the tractor without driver will reach the field and drop the seed in a straight line. This tractor will be available in the US by this year.


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