Drugs In Dubai : Dubai Police Seized Drugs Hidden In Fake Lemons Worth 15 Million Dollar Smugglers Arrested

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  • Smugglers were taking millions of drug pills to UAE by hiding in fake lemons
  • Police seized drugs whose estimated value is more than 1 billion rupees
  • According to reports, drugs were brought from Lebanon, guesses from the marks on the boxes

The web of drugs is spread all over the world, to prevent which all the countries constantly keep an eye on the suspects. But drug smugglers also find strange ways to smuggle drugs. The latest case is from United Arab Emirates where police officers have recovered ‘drugs out of lemon’. On Thursday, Dubai Police said they had arrested four people with “Arab citizenship”. These people were trying to smuggle Captagon pills worth millions of dollars into the UAE by hiding them in plastic lemons.

Captagon is an amphetamine type of drug mostly made in Lebanon and possibly Iraq and Syria. Much of it is brought into Saudi Arabia through smuggling. According to media reports, the street value of the seized drugs is $ 15.8 million (more than 1 billion 18 crore rupees). Sources had informed the police about this smuggling. Police Major General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansoori gave information about this.

3,840 cans of lemons inside a refrigerated container
According to Pakistan’s Geo TV, a total of 1,160,500 bullets have been seized. Mansoori said the illegal pills were hidden in the shipment inside a refrigerated container in ‘fake lemons’. The four arrested suspects are “citizens of the same Arab country” and are residents of the UAE. Police said there were 3,840 cans of lemon inside the refrigerated container, out of which 66 boxes contained fake lemons and intoxicants in them.
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Lebanon, the source of drugs, becomes a headache for Arab countries
Police also released a video showing a box with Lebanese signs. Lebanon has often been the target of Gulf countries for not cooperating in the fight against drugs, especially with regard to the Captagon pill. In April, Saudi Arabia announced that it would suspend imports of Lebanese fruits and vegetables after more than 5 million Captagon pills were recovered from the fruit.


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