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Be a mighty army of ten superheroes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, who are tasked with bringing to life the Oscar-winning director Chloe Jao. Along with a long line of famous stars like Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, Salma Hayek, Kit Harington, then the audience’s expectations for that film also increase manifold. This is the reason why there is a lot of enthusiasm among the audience for the Hollywood film ‘Eternals’. Unlike the breath-taking action and adventure of the old MCU films, this film is more on humanity, emotions, stagnation, diversity Emphasis has been placed, which may leave MCU fans who have been obsessed with the magic of ‘Avengers’ a little.

The story follows ten immortal superheroes Eternals, who are sent from the universe to save humans. All of them follow the instructions of the extremely powerful Arishem. These Eternals have been protecting the Earth from demon-like Deviants for 7000 years living an anonymous life. These Eternals are headed by Azac (Salma Hayek), who runs the rest of the Eternals according to the instructions of Erishem. At the same time, the most powerful in the team is Ikaris (Richard Madden).

Apart from them, the mighty Gilgamesh (Don Lee), the emotional Sarsi (Gemma Chan), the mighty Fastos (Brian Tyree Henry), Hussod Kingo (Kumail Ali Nanjiani), the fast-paced Makkari (Lauren Ridloff-Lauren Ridloff), the mighty Thea (Angelina Jolie), Others are mind-capturing Druog (Barry Keogan-Barry Keoghan) and transformative Sprite (Lia McHugh). After the destruction of the Deviants, all these Eternals are living as normal human beings in different places, according to Ajac.

Among them, the most interesting for the Indian audience is the jugalbandi of Bollywood star-turned-Kingo and his manager Karun i.e. Harish Patel. The pair’s comedy makes for laughs, but also re-exposes the American view of the Hindi film industry as mere pranksters. Well, they all regroup when they sense a greater threat, but only then do they realize that their real enemies are not actually the Deviants. They come to know about a deep secret related to their existence, due to which they are torn apart. Why does all this happen? what happens next? All this will be known by watching the film.

After ‘Avengers’, ‘Eternals’ is definitely another ambitious endeavor of the MCU. This time around, they’ve put together a diverse team from deaf-mute to gay superheroes for the first time, giving priority to emotion over action. The production design, visual effects, music are fine, but the film, which has traveled for 7000 years, travels from Mesopotamia to Babylon, from Mumbai to London, from BC to the Gupta period, to remember this puzzle. Difficult to get.

Even between so many characters in the film and the stories of all of them, the audience gets confused. The action sequences seem weak at many places. Not getting enough opportunities for actors like Angelina Jolie, Kit Harington also disappoints. However, the final revelations keep the wait for the next sequel.


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