execution in north korea: Executioner of Kim Jong, who was vandalizing the corpses of prisoners in North Korea, hanged and burnt with flamethrower – north korean executioners publicly mutilate corpses with flamethrowers, report

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  • Hangman vandalizing the dead bodies of prisoners in North Korea
  • Kim Jong Un sentenced 27 people to death after 2011
  • 21 people were shot by the firing squad, 2 were hanged

In North Korea, dictator Kim Jong Un’s executioners are also treating the dead bodies of the people brutally. A shocking new report states that guards in North Korea burned the bodies of hanged prisoners with flamethrowers in front of a crowd of people. Not only this, these guards had also forced the family members of the prisoners to be in front during the public executions, crossing the limits of humanity.

Kim has killed 27 people since 2011
Human rights group Transitional Justice Working Group has claimed that Kim Jong Un has executed 27 people since 2011. Kim Jong-un assumed power in North Korea on 17 December 2011 after the sudden death of his father. Researchers from the human rights group have claimed that Kim Jong Un has killed 27 people during this period.

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21 killed by firing squad
Researchers have claimed that 21 of these died at the hands of firing squad, while two were hanged in public. The organization contacted several people who had fled North Korea to prepare the report. Many of these made shocking revelations about normal life in isolated North Korea.

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Son’s body was burnt in front of father
A woman recalled a murder with a flamethrower in Pyongyang’s capital city, saying that after a public execution in Pyongyang in 2012 or 2013, a man’s body was burned with a flamethrower in front of a crowd. The family of the accused was forced to sit in the front row to attend and watch the hanging. Seeing his son burning in front of his eyes, the father fainted.

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AK-47 shot at a child
Another person recalled another incident, that a child was brutally killed with a Kalashnikov rifle. Loads of blood and flesh were spread on the spot. North Korean officials stepped on him, folded his body in half and put him in a sack. The person said that I heard that they threw the sack somewhere.

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Orders to shoot 9 people who condemned Kim Jong
Reportedly, many people fleeing North Korea often said that the shooters are ordered to fire nine bullets into the body of the condemned person. Last month, US government-funded station Radio Free Asia reported that North Korea had sentenced a man to death by firing squad for smuggling copies of the hit Netflix show Squid Game.

Kim Jong Un 096

Kim Jong Un


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