fidel castro news: How many times did Fidel Castro try to get assassinated

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  • Big disclosure about attempts to assassinate Cuban leader Fidel Castro
  • Former chief of the Cuban Secret Service said – more than 600 attempts were made
  • America made an unsuccessful attempt to poison from cigars full of explosives

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America had resorted to all kinds of tricks to defeat its enemies during the Cold War. The US intelligence agency CIA has created terrorist organizations like Taliban and Haqqani network and at some places hatched conspiracies to kill politicians. Now recently it has been revealed that more than 600 attempts were made to kill the notorious Cuban leader Fidel Castro. However, he was lucky that every time the enemy’s move failed.

Fidel Castro ruled for 50 years from 1959 to 2008, thwarting assassination attempts by the CIA and Cuban exiles. Former chief of the Cuban Secret Service, Fabian Escalante, revealed that the number of failed attempts during his tenure was approximately 638. Even a cigar filled with explosives was used to kill them.

Apart from this, everything from poison ice cream to meat-eating wetsuits were tried for the murder of Fidel Castro. All these efforts sound like a James Bond movie, but the US and many of its allies went head-to-head for the assassination of Fidel Castro. Castro was a staunch critic of America and a leader close to Russia.

Revealed in the book of the former chief of the Cuban Secret Service
Escalante, who retired as head of the Cuban Secret Service in 1996, published his book ‘Executive Action: 634 Ways to Kill Castro’ I have disclosed about the attempted assassination of Fidel Castro. The first attempt to assassinate Castro was made when he changed power in Cuba through a revolution and took full reins in his own hands. The plot to kill Fidel Castro was hatched along with his brothers Raul Castro and Che Guevara.

According to Escalante, the then Kennedy Administration of America tried to kill Castro 42 times. In 1966, the CIA reportedly asked a New York police officer to give Castro a cigar packet, which was loaded with explosives. Although this was never proven, documents later revealed that the CIA had poisoned a box of Castro’s favorite cigars, but it never reached the Cuban leader.

In the year 2000, there was an assassination attempt in Panama
In 2000, there was an attempt to kill Fidel Castro. During that time he was on a tour of the Central American country of Panama. A bomb was planted on the podium to kill Castro, but his security team already sensed the danger and escorted him away safely. Castro survived foreign attacks until his death in November 2016 at the age of 90.


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