Five nuclear-rich countries issue joint statement on nuclear weapons

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WASHINGTON/BEIJING, JAN 3 (PTI) The leaders of China, France, Russia, Britain and the US on Monday issued a joint statement for the first time on preventing the outbreak of nuclear war and avoiding an arms race, while simultaneously attacking each other with nuclear weapons. Resolve not to use weapons.

The leaders of the five countries said in a joint statement that they believe that avoiding war and reducing strategic threats between nuclear-armed countries is their top priority. “We believe that a nuclear war can never be won and it should never be fought,” he said.

“Since the use of nuclear weapons will have far-reaching consequences, we also resolve that the possession of nuclear weapons should be for defensive purposes, to deter aggression, and to prevent war,” he said.

These five countries, permanent members of the UN Security Council, said that they strongly believe that the spread of such weapons should be stopped.


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