flying car News: Watch flying Car test flight in Dubai, Know Speed ​​and Price

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  • The flying car was successfully tested 8 times in Dubai
  • The company is planning to launch by 2028, customers will get it in 2030
  • The aim is to reduce traffic on the roads, speed – 217 kmph

Traffic on the roads in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is going to decrease soon. The futuristic flying hypercar has recently been successfully tested in the capital Dubai. This car can fly at a speed of about 217 kilometers per hour at an altitude of 3000 feet above the ground. After the first successful test, it can soon be seen flying in large numbers in the skies of Dubai.

London’s Belvedere Industries made the car
The air-flying Waller EVTOL prototype car was developed by London-based startup Belweather Industries. The first flight test of the fully electric Waller EVTOL prototype was conducted only in November last year. But, its flight footage has been made public for the first time today. According to the firm, the half-scale version of the Waller EVTOL car flew at an altitude of 13 feet (4 m) with a top speed of 40 kilometers per hour (25 mph).

Rich customers will use cars instead
The Belvedere Voller EVTOL prototype has been designed for use as a replacement for private owners’ cars. It is designed to free up space on the ground for cyclists and pedestrians and reduce congestion on the roads. This airborne car can also provide on-demand transport facility like Uber.

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Expected to hit the market by 2028
A full scale prototype of this flying car will be made and tested by 2023. Its final model is planned to be made by 2028. Firstly, it will be made available for on-demand transportation. The plan is to bring it to market for private owners by 2030. Only after that a customer will be able to buy it. This car will transport its customers to the destination by air.

Flying Bike’s dream fulfilled, this flying bike will give relief to people from traffic jams
Flight test done 8 times in Dubai
Its maker claims that it is the world’s first flying car that does not have engines with large wings or blades. In such a situation, this car is perfect for use in urban environment. However, the company has not yet clarified how much money this car will get for its customers. Belvedere Industries has flight tested the half-scale model of its car at least eight times in Dubai.


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