Forest Fire In USA: Hundreds Of Houses Burnt In US By Forest Fire People Are Taken To Safe Places

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About 580 houses, a hotel and a shopping center were gutted by the outbreak of a forest fire in Denver in the US state of Colorado. Thousands of people from the surrounding areas have been shifted to safer places. At least seven people were injured in a fire Thursday morning on the outskirts of Denver. Boulder County Sheriff (county’s legal affairs officer) Joe Pele said a few more casualties were feared as the fire spread through the area, triggered by winds of 169 km/h.

It is not possible to put out the fire immediately
Pele said the fire was too great to be controlled immediately. The deputy sheriff and firefighters deployed in the area also had to leave for the rescue operation. The city of Louisville, with a population of about 21,000, was ordered to evacuate. Earlier orders were given to evacuate Superior, which has a population of about 13,000. These neighboring cities are located approximately 20 miles (32 kilometers) northwest of Denver.

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Fear of extinguishing the fire due to snowfall
This fire started in the Colorado forest on Thursday. Many parts of the area were filled with smoke and flames were seen rising in the sky due to the forest fire spread over about 6.5 square kilometers. Officials are monitoring the situation and seeing when rescuers can go to the affected area to rescue the trapped people and assess the damage. One inch of snowfall has been forecast in the area on Friday, which is likely to help in extinguishing the fire.


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