Former Employees Make Allegations That Billionaire Boss Keeps List Of Many Women He Slept With :

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A millionaire man has allegedly prepared a list in which he includes the names of thousands of women with whom he has had sex. Earlier, the man has also been accused of sexual abuse. Michael Goguen, 57, has been sued by four of his former employees. He says that Michael allegedly asked him for help in looking after his ‘harem’. ‘Haram’ refers to a place where one or more women or wives live.

In a 135-page lawsuit, former employees have accused Michael of owning several luxurious and “secret houses” where he allegedly takes dozens of young women to have sex, DailyStar reports. His former employees claim that there is also a ‘Boom Boom’ room in the basement of his bar with a stripper pole. It is at his Whitefish home in the US state of Montana where he currently resides.
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Ex-girlfriends had made allegations
According to the lawsuit, a former employee named Matthew Marshall claimed that X Boss asked him to get his former friend Brian Nash murdered. Because he knew a lot about her. However, this is not the first time that the rich man has been accused of sexual abuse. Earlier, his ex-girlfriend Amber Baptiste, a foreign dancer, had leveled allegations of “frequent sexual abuse” in 2016.

Drugs given to woman again sexually abused
According to the New York Post, the most recent case was filed this February on behalf of former employees of Goguen’s Amintor Group LLC. It shows how a married businessman sought help from his employees to hide his affairs. So that it can be hidden from former employees and opponents. A woman identified from court papers told police that her boss made her drink cocaine and alcohol and then sexually assault her before giving her $1,200.


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